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how to find a lost friend in england
I still miss you even after more than 40 Years

Trace a lost friend in England

How to find a lost friend in England. Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about the past? Maybe sometimes looking back at your earlier life through rose-tinted glasses?

Should you attempt to trace an old friend?

A close colleague, former partner, or an ex-lover? Many pluses and minuses are here. Sadly, it is not so simple as just clicking on a social media site.

Locating someone you have not seen for a long time can be an extremely challenging undertaking. Even if your search is based just in England. We do include Scotland, Wales, and Ireland too.

The question is: how to find a lost friend in England?

You might have already tried and given up, but if you haven’t – by all means – be our guest!

We are not suggesting it cannot be done, but it’s usually very challenging. We are happy to offer free advice on how you might approach it. Contact details are at the foot of this page.

Often wonder how to find a lost friend, boyfriend, or ex-sweetheart?

Consider carefully first what you are embarking upon. The road to achieving a lost friend find can be tricky.

Do you sometimes find yourself constantly comparing an ex to your current partner? Convincing yourself how much easier life might have been if only you two had stayed together? Or indeed, if your current partner was more like them?

Lost friend finder UK is at your service

You may be warmly romanticising about those times you spent together. While at the same time conveniently, and far too easily erasing any remnants of the negative aspects.

You could be forgetting all those annoying traits and irritating things which drove you so mad about them in the first place.

Have you ever attempted setting out to find a lost friend in England?

Before proceeding further the question to ask yourself is:

Does reminiscing about those days you spent with another partner seem more appealing to you? Especially when comparing it to the relationship you have with your current partner? Could this be the classic rose-tinted glasses scenario?

Careful – you will find yourself constantly lured back into your past!

Be wary! Going over and over everything in a somewhat irrational manner. Perhaps naively blocking out any negatives by applying an imbalanced view of only seeing all the pluses. Not a minus in sight!

Someone once said: “One of the toughest calls in life is to enjoy living today for today. To be able to appreciate living now for this very moment today, when we have it -right now.

As one grows older some people tend to cling to the past

Letting the past go can feel like some kind of bereavement.

Resisting doing so, makes us more susceptible to the temptation of yielding to nostalgia and all those things we think we might be missing.

Consequently, it is all too easy to place a retrospective sheen on a former relationship and choosing to view everything through the proverbial rose-coloured glasses.

Thinking about your ex-partner

Especially in some kind of semi god-like way is unhealthy, and suggests you may be living in a fantasy world. Even though of course nothing and nobody is perfect, even when viewed through rose-tinted glasses.

 But at this moment in time, you polish out all the imperfections and irritations which so annoyed you previously.

You two now are shrouded and basking in a shiny glow

Encompassed in an invisible envelope of unrealism. Only achievable in your mindset.

More importantly, are you failing to take into account and recognise what really happened between you, the last time around? You know but you don’t want to know! Nothing must spoil the warm glowing thoughts currently enveloping you.

In a way, you are placing an invisible barrier around yourself. Creating some kind of defence mechanism, and keeping yourself inwardly contained.

By being shielded from the realities of living in today’s world, there are certain barriers against the opportunity of risking falling in love again.

We do suggest carefully and seriously considering the wisdom

Indeed, some would say that you are irrationally locking yourself into a time warp.

The obsession of immersing yourself in your “yesterdays” instead of your “todays” can be very appealing when things are not going well.

But it can place a serious threat to your current relationship.

Undoubtedly this unnatural and overwhelming obsession towards an ex-love will soon become apparent to others.

Thus making your current partner feeling somewhat unsettled. Moreover, it will appear understandably on your part, a very selfish and inconsiderate thing to do.

This outcome in your new relationship could be fatally damaging

Or it will at best seriously prevent your current relationship from nurturing, and growing. Eventually strangling the life out of it.

After all, who wants to be listening constantly to someone forever talking about how much they loved an ex-girlfriend?  What lovely times they had together? Keep going and eventually, the damage could become irreversible.

 If you are finding it difficult to stop thinking about your former girlfriend and forever comparing her to your current one, you may have to accept that you have probably developed an obsession.

Coming to terms with the loss of your ex.

Despite now being with someone else, should be very worrying and concerning  

We at Friends Reconnected are not judgemental. We provide a service in linking up old friends lost through the passage of time.

If you have reached the stage where you are now totally on your own and the desire is still there to approach your ex,- we are at your service. But only if we are certain they are not in a current relationship elsewhere.

At the very beginning, you should consider that it is crucial to establish whether they could be an item elsewhere.

If they are, we would not knowingly proceed with the search. We would not wish to be instrumental in breaking up a relationship. 

What are the chances of success when reconnecting with an old flame?

1. If they are currently in a stable relationship, we would say 1% to zero.

The chances of them wishing to risk their new relationship are low. To reconnect again with a person with whom they had already broken up in the past is very unappealing. We say, stay clear.


2. If neither you nor them are currently in a relationship, go for it!

Our experiences indicate that in these scenarios there is quite a high possibility of success. One particular factor here is that you both have a history together and have known each other. Familiarity gives an element of certainty and reassurance.


Despite, perhaps, the last time around you may have split up acrimoniously.


If there is a deep-rooted mutual bond there can be a success the second time around. You both have probably matured and developed a higher degree of tolerance, and appreciation.

If today you have no idea where in the world your ex is currently living today, our people finding service could be exactly what you are looking for.

Indeed, we at Friends Reconnected love these kinds of assignments.

So, we are waiting for you!

PS. We began this article by announcing: “How to find a lost friend in England”. Then we got side-tracked on covering the considerations of if the relationship was romantic. For more information on HOW to go about it see numerous articles that appear on our website. Or indeed give us a buzz.




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