OLD VERSION IGNORE High School Memories Keep Flooding Back


Why do high school memories keep flooding back as we get older? Has this anything to do with long term memory coming to the fore as if it becomes easier to forget yesterday?

Not so, Frank T McAndrew wrote on The Conversation website. The professor of psychology at Knox College, and Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science has a different take.

The Power of High School Memories

Most of us recall our high school years with a mix of longing, regret, joy and embarrassment. And no wonder because we were learning to socialise with our peers.

Even the music we danced to keeps on coming back. And as for those teenage crushes what regrets we still have! The Conversation psychologist speaks of us having a ‘memory bump’ about things that happened to us between ages ten to thirty.

And no wonder, because our high school memories are from a time when we fretted about our skills, attractiveness, and status. Not to mention feelings of inadequacy each time we saw the girl or boy of our dreams we lost touch with later

Who Could Ever Forget Sponge Pudding

Is This Why We Wonder About Friends?

We still remember those smiling faces when we dream at night. Especially now we don’t sleep as tranquilly anymore. Sometimes we think how times could be different if we reunited with pals. But at other times we just need closure for our high school memories.

Frank McAndrew harks back to our early ancestors again at this stage. He reminds us they spent their entire lives in small groups. They didn’t have the distractions we have nowadays. They had just two priorities. Survival and finding a life mate were all that mattered. That sounds just like our teens, right?

Should We Waken High School Memories?

Have you heard about a phenomenon called ‘reunion angst’? Our dictionary describes ‘angst’ as ‘a feeling of persistent worry about something trivial’. In high school days, this probably related to our attractiveness, although in the case of reunions this is more a case of intense curiosity.

Life is all about choices. We can shove our memories to the back of our minds, but they won’t stay there for long. We would also search for an old school pal we were friends with in the past. They may be just as curious to learn what happened to us. We’ll certainly sleep better when we have the answer either way.


Source Article on The Conversation Website

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