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High School Memories Keep Flooding Back

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Why do high school memories keep flooding back as we grow older? Has this anything to do with long term memory coming to the fore as it becomes easier to forget yesterday? Not so, Frank T Mc Andrew wrote on the conversation website. That professor of psychology at Knox College and Fellow of Association for Psychological Science has a different take.


The Power of High School Memories from the Past


Most of us recall our school friends with a mix of longing, regret, joy and embarrassment. And no wonder because we were learning to socialize with our peers which was hugely important for our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Even the music we danced to keeps coming back. And as for those teenage crushes what regrets we still have!


Frank speaks of us having a ‘memory bump’ about things that happened to us between ages ten to thirty. And no wonder because our high school memories date from when we fretted over life skills, attractiveness, and status. Not to mention feeling inadequate each time we saw that girl or boy. Many of us long to find old school friends at times like this.


How to Find Old School Friends Nowadays


It’s important to stay in touch with school friends so our high school memories remain alive and vivid. We knew where they lived when we last saw them, and may have even visited to see if they were still there. When we find they moved on, the chain is broken.  Our high school and primary school memories may be all we have left of good times.


But where to start if we are still determined to find them? They may have moved town, county or even continent. The internet is a vast space. If we believe they are alive where do we start looking for them? Friends Reconnected could help you find them in the UK, trace them in United States, or track them down in Australia and it is cost effective.


John and Libby dedicate their lives to reconnecting old class mates on three continents. Each case takes an average 40 hours of dedicated painstaking work. They are highly respected in the ‘find people’ community. Yet they still have a hot line where they speak to clients personally.  Dial UK 07561698453 or drop them an email. Speak to them now.


Source Article on The Conversation Website

Video Share Link: https://youtu.be/ZJNIFF4YxgQ

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