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Finding old friends


Tips for tracing someone from your past

A guide to find a former friend, or an ex-sweetheart. How to find all manner of absent friend. Tips for you when attempting to find someone from your past. Most of us of a certain age remember these guys from the Ponderosa Ranch.

guide to find old friends

What percentage of us actually go looking for old friends?

find old friends

Finding old friends. Reviving old friendships. What about a former love, never say never! At some point in our lives we reckon somewhere between 15-20% of the population make a conscious decision to try and locate a lost friend, childhood sweetheart or a first love. Of course, we only come across the more determined ones.

Searching for to find old friends

Our guide to find old friends. It is designed to help those who seek to find a friend lost from the past without professional help.

When searching to find an old friend. Don’t worry it will be a piece of cake. It’s going to be so easy and half an hour on Facebook will do the trick! We have learnt from experience this is not the case. Although it does have some uses, Facebook does not deliver.

Looking lost friends  | What age do people start

Most of the enquiries we see are people between age 60 to 80. Thereafter, it plateaus. We are sure there would be many more ages over 80s but unfortunately lack of knowledge of the internet, stumps a lot of them.

How many of our enquirers are in a stable relationship?

Again we can only work on what we are told. We are not in a position to pry or intrude. However, at an educated guess at least 80% of them.

Long Lost friend search

Before any of you ask, most of our new clients are genuinely interested mainly in how their old friend  are doing in life and that they are keeping health wise, etc. Furthermore, their spouses (if they have one) are fully aware of their attempts in making contact and indeed often encouraging of it.

20% are either widow/widowed divorced or separated.

From this group we have managed to reignite dormant feelings and indeed even a few marriages. However in some cases people keep these things private.

Different ways to search for old friends.

Of course the internet with all its different facets. Births marriages and deaths is a good start. There are a number of websites which directs to births, marriages, divorces, deed poll name changes and deaths listing. As well as overseas passenger list.

The official government site is called the GRO the general register office. All these different listings can be found at multi locations on the internet. Another hive of information is the British Library where a massive list of electoral register archive voters lists are kept. The main one is in London and the other in Yorkshire.

St Pancras, London site address

By telephone and email

Switchboard: +44 (0)330 333 1144
(08.30 – 16.00, Monday to Friday, except public holidays)

British Library
96 Euston Road

Here you need to register first and make an appointment slot. The library is of particularly for those wishing access archive electoral registers. You name it they have it! They also have the address and telephone number for the Northern Branch of the British Library, near Wakefield, YORKS.

You can visit your local library but their archive sections have been dramatically reduced in recent times. Many libraries also hold a historic register of the Kelly’s Directories. Kelly’s used to supplement the electoral register. But all these missions do take up a lot of time. Ideal for someone who is retired.

Births Deaths register can be useful. You can purchase a lot of data online.

Another good route is old school Alumni websites. There are millions of them out there and one might give you access to what you need.

There are quite a number of tracing agents who will find someone quite easily if you have a full name and address with the last 5 years. Cost between £25.00-£50.00. Works well if you have this info. If you need them to go back much further and no address beyond the last five years it’s a different story.

You could try placing a letter to the editor in a local newspaper.

That is if you have an idea of their current location. Otherwise, a bit more ambitious and try placing a “letter to the editor” in one of the local or national newspaper. Or, place a “paid ad “in a national publication if not too expensive.

If you know the area where they may have lived at some stage it would be a good idea to find a Facebook for that town, and add your profile. It’s free, and might deliver a result. But, don’t hold your breath.

All in all we would say try every avenue open to you and if all else fails consider using a professional.

Good Luck With You Search.

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