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Genealogy Research

Genealogy research to find a lost friend

Have you already attempted to find your lost friend with genealogy research? Finding it’s not quite as easy as you thought? Are you considering hiring some professional help?

Often misconceptions and myths about the limits of what a professional tracer can achieve

Many people are under a misapprehension that professional people tracers have access to some magical databases not unavailable to the public at large. The research takes much longer than understood by the general public. Finding the proof needed to locate your lost friend means combing through many historic records the entire process takes more than 30 hours.

However, we do subscribe to various genealogy research and people tracing portals that sit behind paywalls. We have the knowledge to know precisely where to go. Places that an amateur armchair might not. But it’s an entirely and tedious process but does include much more than just punching in a few names to an online database and off we go.

Equally, it should be understood each trace is unique offering diverse and varied challenges. Sometimes we eventually hit a brick wall. We do find that occasionally records are just not available. A lot of record material was destroyed in bomb raids during WW11. In other cases, the records do exist but frustratingly are hidden from public view under various privacy issues. Sometimes although freely available to the public to view, they are very badly indexed. This can involve spending many hours combing through each page religiously.

Make sure you provide us with as much background information as possible

Of course as professional people tracers the more facts you can provide us with the better foundation blocks we can create. This of course requires some creative input from you the client.

Be Prepared for Surprise thanks to Genealogy Research

We have discovered sometimes along the way we find information unexpected, and somewhat surprising. Not very often but be prepared for that possible eventuality.

On most occasions we have forward knowledge this might be the case. Where there might be a major hold-up or blockage.

We also need to be aware and honest where there is a case that is simply not doable, and one that is going to highly challenging, and eats up a huge amount of time. Often we are unable to conclude that case within 30 hours- no, we are not joking! If someone changed their name by deed poll let’s not even go there. Anyone who approaches us thinking it’s going to be a walk-in-the-park is likely to end up disappointed.

When hiring a professional people finder, what you are exactly paying for is their hours on the job (time) professional knowledge, and of course professional expertise. But be aware you are not paying for absolute guaranteed results because it absolutely not possible.

The actual progress on anyone single case very much depends on the country and location we are researching. Availability of various records etc.

Of course, as always you are the client and fee payer. Maybe you just want to simply find where the person in question is residing. Others require a more in-depth report.

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