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Friends Reunited | UK

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Friends Reconnected UK | Was created to fill a void. Modelling itself on the now-defunct popular search portal-friends Reunited.

We help reunite old friends and lost relatives in finding one another. Spanning right across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. In addition, we find an old school friend, or from military, college, university. As well as childhood friends/sweethearts or a lost love. People Finders UK are us!

There are in life certain old friends who sometimes and somehow inadvertently we overlook.

Then before you know it they go missing from your life. Sadly being such old dependable and stoic friends we sometimes and quite shamelessly take them for granted. The old saying “familiarity breeds contempt.” Friends Reunited/reconnected UK usually can bring you back together again.

Remember things that you once shared together back in the day. For example, you both excelled in maths or a shared a liking of table tennis, holidays together with each other’s parents. Isn’t it saddening that today not only is your youth lost but many of the old friends you once shared it with?

friends reunited UK Reborn

Remembering later on how you became nearby roommates at college, helping each other with homework etc. Commiserated when your latest”date” never worked out. Frequently putting the world to rights, especially when having one too many drinks together at the bar. 

Today you no longer find your old friend’s wisecracks quite so amusing. Of course, you would not wish to offend them and keep these thoughts to yourself.

You have moved on, mentally and intellectually. Living metaphorically in a different world. Whereas your friend might be more locked into the past. 

Find A Lost Pal | Long Lost Friend

You are grown up and married your status and perceptions may have changed. Perhaps being married to some high flying entrepreneur and living in a lovely house with a flash car. Taking lots of exotic holidays children in a  private school etc..Conversely your old friend could be living in relative poverty. 

Why not reach out to them. Show them that today they are just as important as they were then. Maybe even more so.

Be aware subconsciously they become know their status is much lower and feels uncomfortable and is not so confident in life. Remember not to flaunt your material assets under their nose.

Moreover, their intellect is still stuck at the level it was as a teen. The jokes and humour you both enjoyed you no longer find so funny. When you were young at school and later in teens, you shared everything together. Possessing the same humour and forever making each other laugh. Actually today you have become a bit of a snob. Thus finding your old friend beneath your status. 

Today you have a full diary life full of sophisticated dinner and cocktail parties.

Lots of posh friends and no time for your old friend? Shame on you as your old friend is probably worth 10x the value of your superficial current ones.

The ones who would drop you in the blink of an eye if you fell on hard- time. You may well learn that one day!

We reconnected people to long lost friends

Friends reunited UK-Reconnect lost friends. If today there is a huge gulf between you economically and culturally be aware of their demise, and repay that true friendship in any way you can. Remember the wonderful friend they were to you. Remind yourself of that common decency and kindness you once possessed. Before the elements of caution and cynicism engulfing you, now qs a successful business person.

Imagine how they might feel finding themself stuck at the bottom of the financial ladder and barely scraping by.  

Life has taken you on diverse and different routes. But they are still your old friend

The contrast in our daily lives couldn’t be starker.

Neither of you knows too much about each other worlds today. Indeed quite likely if by chance your paths crossed today, you would probably think a nice enough person but nothing more.

Yes to reacquaint and regularly meet up again with your oldest friend, provides a link to your past and mirrors an earlier version of oneself. Providing a link to reminding us of who you once were.

Time with a long lost friend

Enables you to re-evaluate your past and the different paths you have taken.

Seeing glimpses of life’s evolution painful experiences and what were the really things in life.

Some of which became forgotten/clouded along the way. Your old friend is the gatekeeper in defending and preserving those important memories you accumulated.

Old friends provide a window to the myriad of elements which make up human behaviour.

As we move along the various parts of our life we tend to embrace “today” thus jettisoning our “Yesterdays” and unconsciously discarding people and places from that era of yesterdays.

People can be very ungrateful. At age 15 being hostile and contemptuous towards our parents.

Turn the clock forward 25 years and the behaviours then is a highly embarrassing blot and shameful.

Reconnection with an old special friend creates a warm atmosphere. Making us feel comfortable with one particular character-YOU!

Indulging in spending an enormous amount of time with one special friend. The one who was your soulmate, the one, who you could share any thoughts with.

Twenty-five years on and married with two kids, the temptation to fantasise about being a teenager once again, returns. Being footloose and fancy-free.

Naturally, we learn something new from every phase/passage in our lives.

Today giving us the ability to reflect and see things sometimes in a different light. Indeed recollections how it was then and see how you have changed today physically and mentally.

Having a past is invaluable to enable people to try and learn from early mistakes.

A boss will remember starting out as a humble and naive employee. Parents often draw on their earlier negatives experiences along the way. To appreciate how much unfairness can affect a child. 

To remember what it was like as a child to be embarrassed when entering a sweatshop without sufficient pennies in their pocket, to be able to pay the cashier.

Now grown up and affluent to be humble and remember as to what it was like then, and to show empathy. The ones so easily at risk of being forgotten in today’s frantic selfish society which we so often experience today.

If anyone is contemplating reconnecting with an old friend we can help professionally or advise if you are undertaking the task yourself.

Contact us via phone:- 07444 750 422 or email:

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