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Rekindling Lost Friendships

Friends Reunite UK. Helps you in reviving those fading memories of people, places, events, and the flavours of nostalgia.

Lost friends reunite UK

Find a person in England. “Where are you”? Is a question which often goes around inside the heads of people missing either, a lost friend, or a lost love.

Another question is: What happened – was I at fault? Actually blaming is toxic, and cures nothing.

Our service brings back those magical fabulous memories, of yesteryear. Hitherto presumed lost through the passage of time. Well, we help in bringing those back!

Friends Reconnected UK reunites people. A special old pal from the good old days?

Friends ReconnectedLost Friends Reunited UK Find a person in England. “Where are you?” will try their best to bring you together again.

Remember when life was far more straightforward? No “cool” silly argon just using simple words, spoken with clarity and defined meanings. 

We consider ourselves lucky. Having been spared the exposure to such bizarre, vague, and loose jargon we get today.

Of course, ironically back In the 1960s, we weren’t old enough to have lost friends. Because they were too recent to have become “lost”.

Friends Reunite UK

Interpreters needed to decipher the slang!

Without sounding geriatric or out of touch today we hear so many ridiculous and abstract phrases used, with no clear interpretation. Because actually there aren’t any!

Here are a few examples which spring to mind. Take these random words: “Sick”, “cool”, chill and “neat” “banging” “shook”.

Even by stretching the English language to the very extremes of contemporary slang, this in context, is ridiculous! 

How can the word “sick” be applied to something good-excellent? Imagine what our old English teacher back in the 1960s would have to say about it! Without being prejudice most of this nonsense is imported from the other side on the Atlantic.

Unlike 40 years ago we seem to have lost all remnants of national identity.

Certainly, then, it was far more difficult to make a name for yourself even with some semblance of talent.

Today you can get away with it- without possessing so much as a modicum of talent. Nor indeed even being moderately attractive. Actually these days we can’t tell how they really look, due to having such a thick aesthetic disguise.

Friends Reunite UK | Reconnects People

 With the right amount of P.R. you can easily reach national stardom celebrity status, with a bank balance of 40 million quid. All you need to do is pay to have gigantic oversized breast implants stuffed into your anatomy. 

The publicity in itself is enough to lift you on to the front page of every national newspaper and magazine. Followed by various TV interviews. 

Although beware the lack of literacy will surface.

So, on the back of this staggeringly risky plastic surgery procedure, suddenly the fickle press is queuing up to speak to you. 

Enjoying “God-like” celebrity status which beggars belief when devoid of any semblance of common sense or sanity. More stupid the press,  for clamouring to interview these wretched individuals sporting these hideous monstrosities.

Although for sure many of my generation, will be accused of being out of touch with the times -we say thank god for that.

In the 1960s such actions would have been perceived as something verging on insanity. It would certainly not be seen as anything cool, or progressive. 

On the contrary, you would simply be rendering yourself a figment of ridicule as a music hall joker. A  person who is perhaps in need of pity and maybe some psychiatric treatment. 

How the world has changed! 

In as much as today, people without any form of skill, talent and -dare we say brains can become an international celebrity. 

Taken further, these numbers of fairly talentless individuals find themselves appearing on numerous celebrity TV programmes. Sporting just- about -fake -everything!

Flaunting ridiculous oversized lips pumped out to look like a trout. Combine this with numerous other synthetic cosmetic enhancements right down to hair extensions.

To many of us from the so-called- baby boomer era we find wishing and longing, to once again return to that golden era of the 1960s.

Not just to be feeling and looking youthful again. But to be surrounded by style discretion integrity and respect. The normality people without ego’s and blessed with intellect and a modicum common sense. 

As we grow older the pull and desire of looking back tend to grow in intensity.

Increasingly casting our thoughts back towards those more civilised times. The appeal then becomes increasingly more irresistible.

Finding ourselves increasingly looking backwards to those times our long-gone youth. Something far more appealing than looking ahead to old age infirmity and loss of independence.

One of the main reasons for so often looking back to our youth, is we realise old age equals the entry door to death.  Whereas reliving our youth makes us feel young again as well as vibrant and alive. Revisiting and embracing one’s past is eminently more stimulating.

To find a lost friend UK. Is something we consider ourselves to excel at solving. Hopefully, you can be the judge of that!

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