Young couple in 1960s

Friends Reconnected 1960s London. Find someone in England. Revisiting and finding a long-lost love once again. We take you back there to savour the joy of feeling young again. Never mind it’s only just for a while the experience is priceless and more than worthwhile

Now entering my 76th year, listening to that wonderful 1960s music again, never fails to recharge every cell in my body-re awakened by it!

Friends Reconnected 1960s London. I am grateful to you for bringing my history back to life again even if it’s only for an hour or two! Really indescribably good!

Personally, when listening to this music I feel blessed I was born in 1946. Such incredible memories, so glad I was born then.

Reminiscing American in London back in the 1960s.

Picadilly Circus 1960s

Americans in England back in the 1960s. Trace someone you once knew back in England. I clearly remember one sunny afternoon back in 1966 when you stood under the fountain for me at Shaftesbury Memorial in Piccadilly Circus, while I took a photo of you. Oh, how I wish I had kept it.

How about if we went one step further and found that cherished long-lost love for you? Now wouldn’t that be something?

I guess you are sceptical as to if it can be achieved when 55 years have since elapsed. Well, we here at friends reconnected deliver precisely that.

Indeed, let’s step back to the 1960s

Friends Reconnected 1960s London. Revisiting England, especially London and retracing our footsteps.

I remember one day we took a trip to Windsor Castle and then took a delightful barge trip down the River Thames. I recall us being fascinated by the breaks as the lock gates opened and closed. Do you remember taking lunch at a delightful pub next to Boulters Lock? If I recall, it was located in the delightful location of Maidenhead.

Do you remember us walking arm-in-arm through the streets of Soho? That in itself was quite an experience. I recall you were blushing somewhat when seeing some stuff on display in the shop windows.

Not to mention the scantily clad girls trying to hustle us into entering these establishments. Offers of pretty girls etc. Not for me though as I already had one with me. Boy, what an experience though.

Anyway, dear and fondly remembered Carol I am coming back to find you again. Friends Reconnected 1960s London is at your service.

FriendsReconnected Feb, 2022

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