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My old school friend

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My old school friendfriends from the past

What happened to | My Good friend?

My old school friend. Scenes from the UK back in the 1950s. Memories of shared times together through school. into teens and then growing up. That special one from the past who was always there for you. The one who sadly somehow and somewhere became the lost friend got lost along the way. Lost somewhere in the Immersed elements of the serious business of growing up.

Friends from the past

I am resolutely determined to find you somehow and hope you will be pleased to see me!

 Friends from the past and Reminiscing about a long lost cohort. Take the case of Mary who back in London UK around 1955 reached the age of graduating from high school. Although more than 60 years on, Mary often thought about her very best friend named” Tina”.

Somewhere along the journey of growing up, they lost each other.

Mary recalls the teenage wild years and all those good bad and indifferent times they had together. Sharing dreams, problems, and hopes for the future.

Both eventually married and subsequently, Tina moved abroad. Naturally in those days with no internet, mobile phones, Skype Facebook it meant “snail mail” only.   Of course, the address was usually scribbled on a piece of paper. One day casually and inadvertently, she left the address somewhere and it was lost then forever.

Mary totally lost touch with her.

Some years later Mary heard about friends reconnecting at a Luton-based firm that searched public records databases in order to find lost friends. Yes, we know what you’re thinking why not Facebook, there is a million reason why it DON’T work.

Anyway, 6 weeks later, Mary received the phone number and address for her friend Tina who now lived in another country.

Mary said “as soon as we began talking it was as if the intervening years had never really happened says Mary now age 66.

We were delighted to have caught up with each other, and the opportunity to discuss everything that has gone on in our lives during those interim years since we last saw one another.”

 Friends reconnected and commented:-

The ageing baby boomers are keeping them busy.

On average, we found that 20 years had passed since the two people had last met.

 Friends reconnected was formed after realising that there was a niche in the market for diligent hard-working and resourceful people to conduct people searches. Indeed friends reconnected and commented,” There aren’t many around like us.”

Indeed there is considerable interest in hiring a professional genealogy research firm, to conduct long-lost friend-finding work on your behalf.

Apart from many different sources too numerous to mention here; primarily the searches involve extensive browsing of various public records including the British Museum archives, and other sources ‘on’ and ‘offline’ to help reconnect people.

Friends Reconnected explains, that ironically, the longer the two individuals have not been in touch, the easier it is for us to reconnect them.

This is due in part to the fact, the longer out of touch – the bigger -the -search footprint builds up.

Unsurprisingly, people with unusual surnames prove much easier to locate. Men are of course generally far easier to locate, for very obvious reasons- they rarely change their surname. Thus making the task of people tracing much easier.

The question often asked is, “why to bother taking all that trouble and hassle to find an old friend?” The answer is “if you do not have the passion for it, you shouldn’t, and we wouldn’t wish to persuade you otherwise “.

But would remind anyone undecided, old friendships such as those made in our youth possess a uniqueness which is impossible to replicate in an adult relationship. At the same time delivering a valuable time window linking us to our past.

Good luck, keep the faith and let’s go find them!

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