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Do You Want to Start Finding Old Friends?

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Find an Old Friend

Reconnect  | finding old friends | A Service Very Much In Demand.

Finding old friends. Have you ever wondered whatever happened to that special old friend?

The one who somehow got lost in the passage of time? As you think back and reminisce, sometimes you might just wish for a while that you were back there again. To be able once more, to savour some of the moments you both enjoyed.

If you are really serious about finding old friends, it should be prioritised and done now. Why, because one day you might find you left it too late! You got there, but they had passed- away! What a tragedy that would be!

The Summer of 1966
Remember The Summer Of 1966- I would love to say hello once more!

Trace an old friend | is precisely what we do!

Recently one particular case struck a chord. Making us think about how many people could relate to this story.

June Smith (not her real name) graduated from high school in the summer of 1966. She had on many occasions over the years, reminisced about the fun times she spent with her very best friend. The bond of closeness they enjoyed together. Often sleeping over and sharing their hopes and dreams for the future.

Then, later on, they both got married. Subsequently followed by June’s friend moving abroad.

From thereon, June lost touch with her. Not by design but simply how things worked out.

Actually, in contrast, today with digital communications it would never have happened. So, that seemed to be the end of that chapter.

Recently she heard of a UK based firm | who specialise in Finding Old Friends

One that searches through old public records and database specifically to find lost friends.

Six weeks on she was pleasantly surprised to receive her friend’s phone number and address. Her friend now lives in a country 6000 miles away.

“Incredibly when we started chatting “it was as if we hadn’t been apart,” said June. We were both gushing with excitement and throwing in so many names, dates, and places. We covered so many times and events that had happened since we were last in contact. More importantly, we vowed to stay in touch. Much easier this time around as we have mobile phones and on social media.

According to Friends Reconnected

Unsurprisingly, nowadays, most of our enquiries are from the”so-called” baby boomer generation.

Sadly so many have lost touch. Mainly due to on average 10% of the UK population moving every year or so.

This creates an ever-increasing demand for our services. Statistics show on average, 20 years had elapsed since the friends were last in contact.

Friends reconnected state:- whilst there is a big demand to reconnect old friends, some searchers have other more sinister motives which they will not entertain. – Such as chasing child support, or an errant natural father. That is why  Friends Reconnected always first establish what are the motives for the search.  Of course, they could be telling us a ‘pack of lies’.

But to prevent any such hostile approaches, friends reconnected first makes contact with the person in question.

This way, acting as intermediaries they can give the person in question the right to refuse to make contact if they so wish

When Embarking On Finding old friends Tracing research

Ask yourself, Is there a correlation between the length of time separated, and a successful result? It would seem the longer the separation, the simpler it is to find the other party.

Why, because the longer separations create more data history.

Thus creating more search line which presents wider tracing possibilities.  Obviously the more unusual the surname, the easier to trace them. 

Cost of finding old friends

It does vary depending on the complexity of the case. But usually, an upfront payment is required. With a balance due when a successful trace has been achieved.

Some companies offer payment only on a successful search. However, if the trace takes up ‘some time’ say; many weeks, the search becomes side-lined due to zero funding in place.  

Few tracers can devote spending weeks on a case without receiving so much as one penny in the kitty. Moreover, there are costs involved.

On the other side of the coin: If you seek a person who has moved quite recently and you knew their address up until then, it’s quite normal to pay only on results. But that’s not what most friends tracer do!

Initially, the client is asked to supply as much detail as possible relating to their lost friend, including-place and date of birth, names of parent/s, and any relatives, school and workplaces, etc.

Often however the search agent has very little or indeed none of this information. So, do not be deterred even if you are only in possession of little of this stuff. For a resourceful tracer, there are always other routes to go down.

Once your lost friend is found-then what?

it’s advisable at this stage to give it some thought as to your approach. Especially if its the case a long lost sweetheart whom you once “let down”- (you broke off the relationship for example)

Often In these cases, successful reconnection rates run at around 30%. When we say “successful” we mean they agreed to communicate with you.

Hurting someone’s feelings (albeit 50 years ago) can still bear the scars.

If in their opinion they felt humiliation from the experience, they can possess deep wounds mentally, which sometimes never mend. We have to understand, that, we cannot just go steamrollering our way back into their lives.

Many men tell us they ended the relationship out of bravado/dare to show their mates what heartbreakers they were. Such as the sultry “James Dean” heartbreaker type image. Amazing how much ‘peer pressure’ there was around even in them days.

Although today 40 years on and being parents and grandparents themselves, they feel shame at their crass stupidity.

If possible they really want to rekindle that friendship in order to try and somehow make it up to them. But more often than not, the other party doesn’t want to go down that road. So beware!

Friends reconnected suggest beginning with this type of approach:

“I have never stopped thinking about you over the years. Recently found a company that finds lost friends- who gave me your address”.

Quite a few clients like to make it look like an accident. Such as like-passing by their home, or just picking up the phone.

In the case of an old flame, it’s best we begin by finding out as much information as to their marriage history, and current marital status.

Question? why bother to trace an old friend?   

Friend’s reconnected state from their experience there is something very special about friendships made in their youth.

Friendships made in our youth are unique. Often difficult to emulate later in life.

Moreover reconnecting with old friends can provide a window into your own past, and a better understanding of the development of your personality.

Lastly, it makes you feel in both yours and their eyes, you are once again projected back to your youth.

Once again feeling vital and the centre of attention. Something many elderly people tell is they lose when they no longer have the influence they once enjoyed. It’s very stimulating and restores a step in their stride. Especially as the younger generation often (subconsciously) blank and sideline them.

Yes, it’s worth the effort even if you are “knocked-back.” At least you can say you tried and gave it “your best shot”

https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/ Contact: Tel: 07561 698 453 email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com


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