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Finding mums old friend! A special and dear lost pal.

We were recently commissioned by-“Nikki” to find an old friend of her mothers named “Shirley”. Her mum’s name incidentally is named “Dena.!

They originally met during their days in the navy. Where there were both serving as ‘Wrens’.

A much-missed old friend”. The lady whom mum so often talked about, and was sad to have lost contact with.’

It seemed as if she totally vanished off the face of the earth.

This was despite numerous attempts over many years to find her, which all failed.

Finding mums old friend -Shirley.

To cut a long story short we managed to find Shirley. It was then arranged (unbeknown to Dena) that they would all meet up in a pub on Mums birthday. What a joy to behold!

At the pub-See image below:

left to right: Violet a mutual friend, Mum (Dena), and Shirley that elusive best friend.

finding mums old friend
3 friends from their RN days

Here is Shirley being filmed on her way to the pub and the reaction when meeting up with Dena. Poor Dena knew nothing of the conspiracy. It left her struggling a bit as to what was going on.

Here below is the short video clip. not a “Spielberg blockbuster” but very poignant.

These three lovely ladies once served together in the Women’s Royal navy service know as the Wrens (WRNS).

During those times together in the navy, these two girls were absolutely inseparable. Forever up to minor pranks, jokes, and mischief. They had the ability to always make each other laugh.

Eventually having left the service and subsequently both marrying, and of course, changing surnames, and addresses they sadly lost touch.

Over the years Dena had often spoken to Nikki about her dear old friend Shirley. Expressing how it would be her lifetime wish/dream to see Shirley at least once again.

Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts by Nikki, over many years to trace her it always ended in failure. But with her mums pending birthday coming up soon, prompted Nikki to try once again in earnest. \But this time she decided to give us a try.

We received an E mail Message from Nikki: See below:

Hello,I am trying to surprise/ reconnect my mum with her old best friend who she was in the navy with. This is all I know about the lady: Pre-marital name: Shirley xxxx Data Protection
Marital name:xxxx Data Protection
Husband: xxxx Data Protection
Location born: Lancashire
Year born: approx 1951

After a few email exchanges and good progress Nikki said: Hi John, Amazing work so far thank you.

Nikki to John: Dear John, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and for your informative advice.

Nikki to John: You are a genius! I have searched on and off for years and didn’t get half of the info you have provided. 

John to Nikki: We have found her!  My team and I have spent time on it. It was not straightforward lots of dead ends-we found her via her niece!

Nikki to John: John, this news is incredible! What an exceptional service! It’s- her!

following on: There was a reunion planned for 1/11/19 in a pub. They arranged to bring Shirley down from Scotland where she resides to a pub in West Sussex for a pub lunch for the reunion.

Shirley was in on the plan but Dena has no knowledge of the rendezvous or indeed that we found Shirley.

She thinks it’s a birthday present pub lunch. As a bonus, there is a third lady who will be attending named “Violet”. She was a bit younger but spent a lot of time with them in the Wrens. luckily Shirley had kept in touch with her.

It’s clear, dear Dena was a bit overwhelmed by it all! But we are told they had 5 wonderful hours together. Lots of memories, laughter, and tears.

finding mum’s old friend the culmination of quite a lot of work. Produced by