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Trying to Find an Old Girlfriend Then Look No Further


lost friend

What are the chances of finding your old girl or boy friend?

Looking for someone you lost touch with?

Finding a long lost Friend……. EASY….hmmm!

Finding A long lost Girlfriend/Boyfriend  we can say is usually an extremely challenging undertaking. If it was not, no doubt you would have already found them yourself without resorting to contacting us.

There are broadly speaking two categories-Easy and -Very Difficult.If for example you have the persons full name, age, and location (town) -very easy. It takes 5 minutes.  There is enough software to easily find them. You can do it DIY and never come into contact with people such as us.

When trying to find old friends “Data Protection” becomes for us an additional obstacle.

Although it has to be said with new Data Protection Rules although the listing is probably out there often you cant access it. Privacy protection etc. Up until 2015 every UK resident had to be listed and shown in the electoral roll. Thereafter was introduced an opt out clause. Many people opted out thinking if for example there were debt collectors pursuing them they could give them a slip. No, unfortunately licenced debt collectors can circumvent the opt out option. So you can still be found if you owe money. The other downside of opting out is that old mates, relatives, old flames etc. cant find you either.

Conclusion. If you have retained you surname (male gender) names isnt “Smith”, a known age, live in same neighbourhood, its easy. Unfortunately with all of the above there is always a snag somewhere.


This is our average case. For example met in Portsmouth 1972 at University, Named Melanie (surname if we lucky)  parents lived nearby. Brother named Tom.  Assuming we have a surname and born in Portsmouth we can identify when and where born and any brothers or sisters. Also if parent are still alive.

If we have A surname we can theoretically find Melanie or Tom. no doubt Melaine has subsequently married and perhaps divorced.  We need to find her new surname, or maybe she retained her original surname. Or perhaps move to Scotland, or indeed Los Angeles. So where would you go after that! We know how to approach it,but its laborious and time consuming.

Finding A long lost Friend Some problems we regularly encounter

Here are just a few of many: Deed poll and remarriage name changes, a very  common surname which means we have to work through hundreds of possibilities. They when we do eventually find them often a wife/husband will block communications or withhold info.
What you can do before employing paid help.

Try first Facebook, Electoral Rolls current and historic, old phone directories, or  https://forebears.co.uk/news/kellys-directories-project-complete

Nationwide Tracing

On many occasions minimum 100 hours of time is required.

If all else fails give us a Buzz!

Friends Reconnected

Contact us via phone:- 07444 750 422 or email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com