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Finding lost friends in England

How to go about finding an old friend in UK. We reconnect you to long-lost friends, lost loves, old school mates, and more.

If you sincerely want to reconnect with your past and specifically: -long lost friends, former school teacher or maybe an ex-school mate. In order to achieve success needs a very resolute and unflinching determination. You need to immerse yourself in the task.

 Lost Friends in England

As well as other parts of the UK. People search or finding Lost friends in England is what we do.

Perhaps cast your mind back to certain events, places, and other friends who knew your special friend too. For example at various schools you both attended.

Or workplaces, youth clubs dance halls, discos and other recreational pursuits. Obviously most important is a full name as this is the fundamental building block platform in which to assemble the search profile. However, even without it don’t worry we will still give-it-a-go.

When Finding lost friends in England why is the above information so important to the search.

Because these days web links can be created to virtually anyone any location, any name, place of interest at any time. Here is an example of how this works and can help you/us.

In Facebook you can set up a page specifically for a particular road you lived in, say: the 1950s.

For example- Challney School Luton, Abingdon Road Luton, where you grew up, Beechwood School Youth Club, Vauxhall Motors ex-employees. For each one of these points of interest can be a Facebook page. This can theoretically attract people across the entire world who had some connection with any of these places. They can register on there, and then reconnect with others who were also there at some point. Actually they have a natural gravitational pull to other people who were once there too.

Finding Lost Friends | The web knows no borders

So, so far- so good. We then have an old school mate who for example is living in New Zealand. Miraculously they may be searching for an old school mate where you attended So, bingo, an unexpected link is created. This works well but- requires pro-action on both sides. Basically, it’s passive, and relies on both of you thinking about the same.

Now we look at the other side of the coin in retracing your past.

Finding lost friends in England is broadly modelled on the once-popular Friends Reconnected. Retracing your past and all those lost friends- lets-go!

Let’s assume only one, or none appear in any of these group. Unless one of you takes the step to actually registers, you will not be able to find each other.

So, what to do now?

It requires you to get the “sleeves-rolled-up”. By digging through various public records. Now it becomes a whole lot more tricky! You need to search that person’s name on the internet and hope to identify them.

1. Facebook.

Thwart with problems. If the surname is common it can produce thousands with the same name. Moreover spread across the entire world.

You can spend hours sending friends’ requests but unless it’s one you want they will probably not reply. But You might get lucky.

If it’s a female without knowing their married name you are up against it.

Or indeed may be divorced. Some revert to maiden name, others retain their former married name, have remarried, or indeed a new surname. Lastly, some people decide to change their name by deed poll. Good luck with that one- a bit of a minefield.

2. Electoral registers.

Obviously much easier to find the male gender as the surname rarely alters. There are numerous, mainly paid sites, that can help here. But again if a common surname not easy.

Also in recent times finding people has been hamstrung by individuals choosing to “opt-out”. Which means their name is hidden from the open electoral register.

Searching historic archive registers which are easily accessible can help but not always the answer. That is of course if they haven’t moved.

3. You could place a post in your local newspaper.

As often someone somewhere knows someone who might just know where they are. Or who is in contact with a brother or sister.

The drawback here is local newspapers are vanishing off the scene at a rapid rate of knots. Also In the meantime, with the internet, who actually reads them?

Most readers seem to be interested mainly in the obituary columns. Wondering if any of their old friends have passed away. At least if they notice the death posting, it saves them spending time and effort in looking.

4. Consider a professional people finder-archivist

Professional people tracer. A ‘good one’ can handle all of the above and more. But it’s going to cost money. Some do offer a no find no-fee option, BUT if its a tough one, they are not going to spend days on end on it.

Tracers have bills to pay like everyone else. They can’t be expected to work weeks on end without receiving so much as one penny for their efforts. You may think you are being firm with them, but what will happen is your case will be sidelined.

However, there are a number of low cost 30 quid tracers out there. Be our guest and give them a try. Generally, they will use a piece of software and enter a name and that’s- about it!!

Locating your past and lost friends along the way can frankly take from many hours, days, and indeed sometimes years.

Often having to make personal visits to archive electoral rolls situated in far-flung local libraries and town halls. As well as knocking on doors.

Retracing your past.

Unless you have the time, patience and gritty determination. Consider using a professional.

Alternatively, we have given you some of the tools, to undertake the task yourself.

Good Luck! See our website https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/ 2019

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