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England Finding A lost friend

Finding a lost friend
Finding my lost friend | Where are you? Not seen since 1974

When seeking Finding A lost friend in England. The question is, where to start! Where do we go when attempting to find a lost friend. The daunting task of embarking upon tracing someone, you have probably not seen for 60 years.

Moreover, you only have limited information such as a name, and with scant recollection as to how they looked then.  Nor do you have any old mutual friends who can help.

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Finding A lost friend-my recollections. “At school back in 1961, I was seated in class next to a really nice cheerful boy who shared his sweets and chocolates with me. He was always larking around a lot and made me laugh. A person whose company I always enjoyed- indeed a great friend to me. One whom I have never forgotten.

Then we grew up

Sadly, and inevitably, we went our separate ways. Which is unfortunately so often the case.

Since then even though almost 60 years have gone- by I have often thought about him. How is he doing, in good health, happy, etc? Is he still alive!!

Recently’ out of the blue’, I was told by another old friend that he had died. My first reaction was one of disbelief, anxiety, sadness and profound regret we never kept in touch. I was quite stunned and decided to establish if it was true or not.

I found myself unable to make any progress in tracing my old friend

There was no obituary notice. I of course googled, called a few telephone numbers – All, a big fat zero!

Eventually, I did find a link via a nephew listed on Facebook. I hasten to add, It took hours on end of searching before arriving at this point.

I discovered to my delight that in fact, he is still alive, healthy and happy.

To be frank I had virtually abandoned any hope of ever finding him. Then just about the time I was considering giving up-bingo!”

Although in essence, it’s easy enough today to find someone it’s also hugely frustrating (lots of dead-ends) as well as time-consuming.

You need bags of determination and a never-say-die attitude. However, if you stick with it you can often find them.

Tracing your old friend- where to start

I began with Facebook. Although is very unlikely to strike it lucky directly on there why not use it to tell your friends and acquaintances what you are seeking.

I wrote he was in the Air Force at RAF Halton, had lived in Australia and he was by profession creative art and designer. As well as posting one photo which I had acquired. At the same time, I asked my friends to share the post. From this, I received quite a number of addresses. I held on to these addresses in case all else failed. I would then write to them individually.

Amazingly – One Day-Out-Of- The- Blue-A Breakthrough!

I received an email from someone who knew his sister. This led me to actually being able to make contact with him. Finally being able to say hello once more. She also sent me a recent photo of him. He looked relaxed and contented.

Of course, you may be thinking where it went from there? As it happens, he likes to keep himself- to himself and is very private. So, I guess, it will not go beyond exchanging Xmas and birthday cards.

Actually, I can honestly say it was all I ever expected. I am happy to learn he is happy.

The other plus side in all of this is: I now fancy myself as an amateur sleuth!

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