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Finding people in the UK from the past

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Find Someone in the UK from your distant past. People finders is our market niche UK. We have produced some tips for those seeking to find someone whom you lost along the way. Maybe your very first true friend. Whether it be a school best pal, childhood sweetheart, a first teenage crush, first love, or one of your best lifetime friends.

Teens of the 1960-s
Teens of the 1960s. Long time ago but not forgotten.

To find someone

Teens of the 1960s. The image above shows how things have changed. We see fresh and natural beauty, a shame it’s all gone with fake everything. As always to find someone a very challenging task. Especially when 40 years or more have elapsed. But however that’s precisely what we do.

We know there probably exists out there a small handful of special friends who once touched your life. People whom to this day you really do truly treasure.

These special and memorable cherished pals/loves

Find someone is like rerunning our past. They are today’s surreal friends, there is a connection but nothing I can see as real and tangible.

Inexplicably, life has driven a wedge between us. I cannot speak for them but for my part I would absolutely love to be in their company again. So I made the decision to find that special someone who was once so very important to me.

After so many years have elapsed?

Not to mention the crucial question of where are they living today? Is there a contact number. Email, or WhatsApp.

Of course the big question is, can we pick up from where we left off?

Let’s consider some barriers towards keeping the friendship of an old flame alive.

Here are one or two of a million: work, family ties (time), travel distance between you. Not to mention a feeling of embarrassment at being the one who allowed the friends to slide away.

This can make us feel we are going to make complete fools of ourselves.

Culminating in revenge will be swiftly inflicted upon us. They will revel in getting their own back and more important will not wish to see us.

Sadly these negative feelings are often stronger than the positives. But look at it another way, rekindling a once-so-special friend is worth the risk of an attempted failure. Anyway, apart from yourself, who is going to know about your failure-only you?

Nobody can predict how these rekindling’s will work out? 

We suggest if it happens just let it evolve in a not forceful way.

A kind of new blank canvas inextricably intertwined with your shared past. Which will re-evolve as you rebuild bridges.

It’s always nice to talk about any kids you may have

Where they are in life and what they are doing. Inevitably this tends to lead us on to what has happened since you were last in contact.

We can think of one particular case where the friendship was fractured by a 15 years gap, but this time around its thankfully looking as if happily, it’s going to last and that was 10 years ago.

One golden warning we can give is not to use clichés

Such as ‘we really must arrange to meet up’ it’s slightly dismissive and leaves it open to perhaps and maybe and can be seen as a gentle brush-off. Leaving a non-commitment to meet up again.

What about Social Media?

It leaves people unsure if there is any genuine commitments. We all know that “liking” on Facebook or Instagram means you will probably never hear from them again. It’s too easy, and smack of laziness and a feeling of I have done enough. Shows a lack of genuine interest and you are not fussed either way.

Good genuine old friends are very strong and hardy.

They stand long-term silences and never fear the worst in that person. After all, you have been with them as they grew up. You know each other inside and out.

Knowing the historical background, family history, recollections of pranks and mischief you both got up to, which are unique just between the two of you.

Nostalgia is a potent force invoking so many emotions and mutual social connectivity. The pluses by far outweigh the minuses don’t let that second chance go away.

So, you have decided to give it a try?

We suggest beginning with an old-fashioned snail mail letter. It demonstrates seriousness on your part and is not just another boring email.

We have learned that you should NOT begin with an apology. Saying ‘I am sorry’ doesn’t start you off on a good footing.

Avoid long-winded waffling stories

About discussing how you perceive it all went wrong? But be open frank and honest.

Pointing out that despite all those years between when you last saw each other you would love nothing more than to see them again.

If it was your fault invite them to berate you for it. As more important in all this. is that you get back together again.

Are you ready for the adventure? In any event good luck.

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