Find Someone I Lost Touch With – How to do it?

Find someone I lost touch with- We all at some stage lose a friend.

Find someone I lost touch with
Piccadilly Circus-It seems only like yesterday when we last met-you were late as usual!

How to find Someone

Find someone I lost touch with- Lost friends. We lose them through our own stupidity, in death, to distance, and over the course of time. But even though they may be lost, hope is not. The key is to keep them in your heart and then when the time is right, pick up the friendship once again, where you left off.

Trace an Old Friends. The friend who you lost touch with – will find their way home when you leave the light on. Either way, retaining cherished memories of your lost friend and the good times you once shared is quite magical.

Find Old Friends

To find someone you lost with say an old Friends. We all at some time experience losing friends.

Either by choice, death, geographic location, length of time since last in contact, petty arguments, jealousy etc. However true friends are intertwined into each other’s hearts forever.

Often the desire to reconnect just needs a bit of a push to kick-start it again. Both sides may be keen to reconnect but at the same time and understandably, somewhat anxious the other side might rebuff them.

The most important thing is to leave the light on. Thus helping a lost friend find their way home to you.

In the case of a lost love

We are left with a memory that no one else can steal and a heart no one else can fix. We have to accept it was not meant to be and live with any ensuing regrets.

However, memories of a lost sweetheart are often virtually impossible to forget. Nor the regrets, and recrimination about our own stupidity in losing that person.

Although there are many who question the wisdom of rekindling a lost sweetheart, however for some, it is unfinished business. Where the desire to reach out once again increases over time, instead of diminishing.

What are the chances of a successful reunion with a lost love? Statistically pretty slim! OK, so, you want to give it a go!

How to find someone you lost touch with.

At the very beginning, we suggest going back as far as you can. To times and places where you first met and spent time together. Begin at the beginning.

  1. Write everything down. There is nothing worse than recollecting some vital pieces of information, and then- to forget it. Sadly something which happens more often in older age.
  2. The vital information would be as follows:- Friends’ full name. Address, names of parents, brother and sisters, and any mutual friends. Schools attended- workplaces. Social clubs, names of any platonic boy or girlfriends.

Armed with some or all of this information is the building blocks towards a successful trace. But do not despair In many cases, almost all of the above information we ask for is- not available. This does not in any way mean the job is not do-able just that it becomes more challenging-shall we say.

Assuming you possess some or indeed all of the information we described-above you are good-to-go.

However even where you have gathered together all the information we suggested there is still no more than a 50/50 chance of finding your lost friend. We know from experience there will be numerous criss-cross different permutations and numerous main dead-ends you could encounter. However, this is a good basis for your search.

We begin by a search for births, marriages, and deaths.

Births show (of course) dates and location of birth. It also shows the names of parents and maiden name of the mother and any siblings. The maiden name of the mother reveals the other side of a family. These potential names of aunts, uncles and their sibling give us an extra dimension. Especially useful, if we hit a ‘brick wall’ elsewhere.

Marriage shows date and location and usually full names of both parents

Names of brothers and sisters are very useful too. Especially if it’s a female you are searching for. It helps where they married and then subsequently divorced.

Often you cannot pick up on a new married surname. So we search for a brother or sister or sister, who ‘would’ probably know. Preferably a brother as its rare the male changes his surname. However, we found quite often the sibling is reluctant to pass on this information without first seeking approval from the person you are searching for. So the element of surprise is lost and they may simply say NO!

You might try Facebook. However, we have not achieved much success here.

The only other option apart from-advertising in various newspapers, is to go to reunion sites or revisiting areas where you once spent time together. Or knocking on doors of people whom you recall once knew them. Other than that, would be to employ a professional people search agency. There are quite a few out there but we do not know how effective they are.

So, don’t give up! Your lost friend may be as keen to hear from you, as you are to hear from them. Friends reconnected 2019 Contact: Tel: 07561 698 453 email:

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