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Find A Person Abroad


Find people abroad. Our overseas people tracing service helps us to find a person living anywhere outside of the UK. For example, the United States-USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. In fact, our network extends to tracing a person anywhere throughout the entire world.

Find people abroad
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Find an old friend from the distant past

Seeking Old friends or lost friends fond memories of a special friend form the past? One who not only left the area but also left the country too. Despite the undoubted additional challenges involved here, we have succeeded in tracing on all of them apart from one. The area most productive for us has been in the USA.

The Task of finding people abroad

Tracing people from a different county abroad

Searching to find people abroad offers many new and differing challenges for us. For example, a raft of differing DATA protection rules. Although we were unaccustomed to these different styles of approach we listened and were still able to solve the trace.

However, we are the first to admit in order to be able to circumvent all these different regulation and barriers, help and support on the ground is vital.

Yes they have been brilliant but of course have to be paid.

We as an organisation have an impressive success rate and want to keep it that way.

We have no desire to charge you that initial regular fee without having any plausible way forward. Us knowing it’s going nowhere, and just waiting for you to simply demand your money back, is not something we would entertain.

As an honourable organisation, we would prefer not to have your money in the first place.

However, make no mistake, overseas people search are not a picnic! Nothing is the same as when making a UK search. For a start, in the UK we know precisely where everything is. For example, where to find records of national birth, marriages or deaths. Electoral registers.

More on this to follow!

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