Find my old school pal

How to find old school friends

Reuniting with friends in the UK. 

Tips on how to find old school friends.

Find an old school chum in the UK. Trace a special and unforgettable classmate from yesteryear.

The one with whom you spent so much time together during those formative years – the best days of our life – we were told!

My old school chum, I remember you as my Mr dependable. Playing such a pivotal and influential role in shaping who I am today.

If you need to find your lost school friends in UK

Find my old school teacher

Reconnect with an old school teacher has recently grown in popularity. Many people have fond memories of their long-suffering form teacher. The one whom you perpetually frustrated and drove to distraction.

Where are they today? The prospect of catching up with your former school teacher on an informal basis, it very appealing. To be able to socialise with, have a laugh, and maybe share a pint together down the pub. Show them how well you have matured. The sheer joy of no longer having to address them as “Miss or Sir”! That’s going to be a tough one!

That special childhood chum. Where are you?

Unfortunately no longer around. Seemingly vanished into the annals of history. That very special and memorable old friend, the one who can deliver a time window. Rewinding the clock back to those heady days when you were both growing up.

You know!. The one who would protect by lying to a teacher to ever up for you. Or parents and authorities in order to get you out of a scrape. A lovely, delightful, reliable and trustworthy mate.

In those days, you both were naively planning on being side-by-side- forever. Together through the journey of life.

How come you both lost touch?

A plethora of reasons. However, in hindsight, none really added up. Other than perhaps complacency.

Complacency: equals taking them for granted. Either consciously, or subconsciously.

Nowadays the question/excuse does not apply. Today, once you have a contact stored in a digital device its there for good.

Especially if the storage is an email address. Various apps. stay with us for life. So no matter where you are now, or where might/could move to in the future the link remains.

We send an SMS. Facebook, Instagram, or What’s app message. Indeed you can keep in touch every few minutes of every day.

Whereas 40 – 50 years ago contacts were either an entry in a diary or written down somewhere.

So they could have genuinely been misplaced. Often as a result of say, moving home.

Let’s take for example this author growing up in the 1950s.

Whilst in school time, we all had our own special set of friends. But at the end of each school day, we naturally parted company to our respective homes. That ‘was it’ until the next day when meeting up at school again. Or outside of school, and at weekends.

The only other communication was via friends, by post, or landline telephone. Although my parents didn’t have a telephone!

In contrast, today, we have a number of more sophisticated ways to find and retain an old school friend. But, it could take ages, with no end of ‘false starts’ along the way.

How to find old school friends?

Facebook seems to be the most obvious place. But to be honest I have not found it very useful.

For example what about if the surname is “Smith”. Facebook will throw up hundreds of them worldwide. It shows where they live now, but for us in the UK, if its Phoenix Arizona, how is that going to help?

Especially when you last knew them they lived in Scunthorpe. If it is female and married, their maiden name isn’t going to help very much.


How to find old friends from high school?

Do you sometimes stop and pause for a moment to remember your first love and your old high school friends? People who were with you during these exciting moments. After so many years, you are looking for high school friends to remember some of those wild parties, and joyful moments in your earlier life.

Do you sometimes wonder how their life turned out and to be able to relive these moments with the actual person you a shared them with? What would you give to be sitting there with them enjoying a cup of tea and a piece of cake? Perhaps you have already unsuccessfully tried high school classmate’s finder?

As an option you could consider trying our services. We have extensive experience in these type of traces with a wide search geography. To read more on some of our challenging cases read here.

Having said that most people can be traced with effort, and time on their hands. Or you might try professional tracers such as us: