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Find long Lost Friends


People Tracing. To Find Lost Friends- Relatives Or an ex- Sweetheart is it becoming a dying art?

find lost friends

Find lost friends-a question-

To find long lost friends-Is it becoming a dying art?

With the rapid progress in digital technology etc., finding an old friend, the conventional way-(checking library records and old newspapers etc.) will become redundant. With social media becoming more widespread- finding lost friends will not exists. Actually instead, what will happen is; they will never become lost in the first place.
Why you ask? 
Answer: Because today and in future the word:-find long lost friends will never arise. That is unless one party decides it.
find lost friends
Ah..the past! London Underground 1957 ! Mornington Cresecent-Maybe!

Old Friend finder-

What does the future hold?

In future basically to-find long lost friends will become an extinct term.

People will have contacts stored from childhood (as they often do now) and can keep them there permanently- forever. No matter where they are in the world. Social media will one day make find lost friends a thing of the past. -Because they will not BE lost.

To explain how the art of lost friend finding has changed:-

Since the 1940’s until recent, any friendships created over time were dependent on maintaining links-either by a physical postal address, telephone number or both, (if they had a phone-that is!)
So, the links were extremely tenuous. Very much relying on either you, or your old  friend-from school, work, army, or social, staying in the same place.
Or when moving home, making sure to advise each other as such.
In most cases for sure there were no intention to deliberately avoid staying in touch. But at the time of moving home it’s very easy to put your old mate “Jimmy” from school days, on the back-burner.
Genuinely believing  it is something which can be sorted out later.
It can be further disrupted, when either one of you may have written to the effect you are moving home. But if you both might have moved, neither would have received the letter. That is unless your mail was redirected.
Perhaps joining the army and posted elsewhere. Parents moved when you were still living with them.
Or relocating, perhaps due to a Job posting , marriage or moved to another country.

Seeking lost friends or an old sweetheart from the 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s and early 80’s?

Can they be found? Very difficult but- deliverable.

In those days without such things as internet, facebook etc. either a current phone number or address was crucial. Without this there were virtually no alternative means. An omission of a new address often spelt the end of that friendship for good.

Finding Lost friends, old pals, or an ex sweetheart

Especially from the 1940’s is particularly tough.

Find Lost Friends

Actress Geraldine Fitzgerald holding shutter release as she takes her own photograph.

Why? Point number one: Without stating the obvious probably a high percentage are no longer with us.
If for example they were in military service then they may have lost their life. This would involve checking old military records. Or may have simply been killed due to a bomb raid etc. There are a massive number of imponderables here and frankly, without the help of a tenacious researchers its pretty much impossible. Sadly, some of the the few of this generation who are still alive today, may be in a care home. So be prepared for dissapontment here.

Finding an ex sweetheart. Read more on this here:- ex –Ex-Sweet heart

Although there are different circumstances here, most of what is described above equally applies,when searching for a lost love or an old flame.
However the main difference here is often sadly one party may not wish to be in touch.  So, be prepared for a rebuff.

Actally People finding generally will become virtually extinct.

Although it may take another 15-20 years before it will happen.
Then apart from the occasional exceptions: old fashioned style people tracing will become obsolete.
Reasons being, every friend you have will be stored digitally. Thus no need to rely on keeping postal addresses.
Indeed future generations (with your permission bequeathed)  may be able to connect with your friends after you are no longer alive.
In the meantime, and now If your old friend is still alive we-will have a really ‘good go’ at finding them.
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