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Find A Long Lost Friend

John February 12, 2019 0 Comments
find an old friend

Find An Old Friend UK

I need to find an old friend UK. Back to the 1960s? It could be an old school mate, social buddy, childhood sweetheart or that unforgettable first love.

We have in recent times experienced a sharp increase in the number of people especially those age 60 + who are quite earnestly seeking to reconnect with an old flame/lover or old friend. This could be someone from school, youth club, work, military service, and many other cases.

how do you go about tracing an old friend?

  1. We suggest beginning with the Salvation Army. They are a highly respected charity, who will give you an honest assessment as to whether or not your search is genuinely feasible.
  2. Facebook. Do it yourself by searching Facebook and various other internet mediums for seeking out old friends. However, facebook despite its popularity when seeking old friends often leads to failure. This is due primarily it not being easy to minimise your search.  Even when searching quite unusual surnames you will find that throughout the world, there are hundreds to choose from!…..which one is it?
  3. Online commercial search companies. Interestingly we note many make reassuring -promises of 90% + success rates. This sounds great until they quote a price of 25 quid…Hmmm. Many of our traces take up to one month and more.

To explain if you have a full name and an address within the last 5 years-yes, its then quite easy. Just search some easy to use basic software and it comes up. By all means, give it a go!

People Search | What do we do | and how is it different?

Unashamedly We use mainly 1960s research techniques. Our searches delve deep into the distant past and where frankly today’s software would prove useless. Spending time in dusty old local public library archives, or indeed knocking on doors.

Generally, we search for people who are themselves today  in their 60’s, 70’s and in some cases 80’s.  Often not on the internet, numerous address changes, females remarried, widows, name changes, etc. So, often here the focus is not on finding the individual directly, but via a relative.

This involves sometimes returning to where the individual was born. Checking on if there any brother, sisters, and if so, where they are today. Or Maybe an uncle or aunt. Often these relatives have provided the vital key to success.

Much of this info we can access via births, marriages registers etc. but only via the British library and we must register to peruse it. Data protection has made things much tougher.

What does the future hold for people tracers?

I would say in 20 years time or maybe less, this type of research will become more or less extinct. Why??  …..because by then nobody will lose contact, with anyone. Unless for those who they do not wish to remain in contact with.

To explain: A friends email address usually remains with them for life. Or a whats App or Facebook page rarely changes. Therefore any friends old or new can be contacted in 10 seconds. To find a lost friend will be virtually extinct. Basically there “will be” no lost friends!

To find an old friend UK is something we really relish getting to work on. Maybe one day we will hear from you.

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