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Finding An Old Girl Friend | From The Distant Past


finding old girl friend

How Shall I Find An Old Girl Friend | Or Old Flame

How to find an old girl friend? The logical route is of course to start at the beginning. Retracing all your steps of what you can recall about locations, names of any friends, and family members.

As an example Jean Watson was born in Brighton. DOB would be a bonus, but if not the approximate year. Usually amongst young people at the time an age gap is narrow.

So, we research Jean Watson birth records between say- in your case 1946 to 1949. We initially search 46-49 Brighton. If we find no listing we just widen the net. Using same search we search county of Sussex -or even wider.  At the same time through various directories we search any parents listing to establish if any siblings which might help later on.

Once we have a target of say 6 possibilities we then try to find out where they are today.

When searching  to find an old girl friend there are free records of marriages which go up to 1983. By a process of elimination we can pin it down to a handful.

Finding your lost sweetheart.

We now have to put it all together. This becomes somewhat more tricky, involving electoral register searches. More complicated by the fact these days (since 2014)  people can opt out of being publicly listed. 192.com is a good start but you have to pay.  Its also questionable as to whether, or not, it is up-to-date. Moreover of course it does not include those people who opted out. If you are sure it’s Brighton, you could visit the local town hall and request to view the “full” current register.

Other approaches to find an old girl friend

Theee are of course other “paid for” directories. Some give instant listings of all persons with the same surname of whatever the married surname is. It also lists any other residents which is great.

If you know she married Michael……?  the field might then be narrowed to just a couple of individuals. Often there is a phone number too. So, as follows: Jean Smith married: Michael Babbage in 1972.  Married in the district of Luton in Bedfordshire. We then do a search to include both Michael and Jean Babbage. There might be two or three listing and we start with the ones located nearest to Luton. If none are whom we are looking for, we extend the search to the entire UK.

Finding a lost sweetheart

What about if she/he divorced and has a new surname?

There are online sites which list these events, Also there are online listing for deceased persons. Of course the task can be ‘muddied’ if she moved abroad. But not insurmountable, especially if we have the names of Sibling,s which I mentioned earlier. Chances are they haven’t all moved abroad.

Another part of the research is relatives such as cousins.

We can go through the same process as described above. However, we are then into the realms of serious amounts of time, spent on the project.

There is of course Facebook.

Facebook is a supplement to all the various avenues of pursuit in finding your elusive lost old girl, or boy friend.

The above is a basic outline of what is involved  when people start searching.
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