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Find a person living abroad

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Specifically, our focus is on finding lost friends from the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.  Find a person living abroad  Jana from Prague 1969 Find a person living abroad. Find someone maybe an old friend originally from the UK. Or a person from abroad whom you once met in the UK.Maybe someone who became your first and memorable teenage love. Perhaps that special one who returned home to their native country and disappeared totally from your life.

Czech reunion

Prague rendezvous created by us.

Trace someone living in another country.

Find someone from The Czech Republic. Our focus people-searching assignments are focused on finding people in the Czech and Slovak Republics. As well as in Germany and Poland. This is a double whammy for professional people finders as well as aspiring amateur sleuths. For example, tracing someone whom you have not seen in decades. Of course, tracing someone on our home turf in the U.K. is bad enough. But, if it seems they happened to have moved abroad then TBH it’s rather like looking for that proverbial needle in a haystack.

Just the very thought of this rather frightening, daunting, and indeed highly challenging task ahead is enough to put many people off.

Find a person living overseas

Even for me as a highly experienced people tracing professional, it can sometimes bring one out into a sweat. That’s because we are forewarned and aware of the potential pitfalls ahead but being a UK search we are always pretty confident. Whereas when we are tracing abroad we start with a blank canvas. Obviously, we are not aware of some of the potential pitfalls. Starting with only the basic knowledge is rather like that of an amateur.

Who should you instruct to help you find someone?

To find a person living abroad We would suggest using an agent who can demonstrate some link to the country where you are searching to find that lost pal, ex-girl or boyfriend. That way you can then have real and serious “boots on the ground”.

A person who know the procedures for trying to find someone in another country, and is aware of diversity from the way things are done differently in the UK. As we say you need a: Johnny-on-the-Spot. Otherwise, without that the tracer would be like a fish out of water. Moreover Could easily upset the locals by doing something that would seem quite innocuous at home which could unintentionally and easily enrage a local.

Then of course the question of where to go and how to find what you need. Everything will be different to what you are accustomed to. Archive voters lists, old phone directories and all in a different language. Well, what we say is good luck with all that!

Searching for someone living abroad.

How does our approach differ? We manage everything the same as we do back home but leave the groundwork to the locals. That way we apply our professional and logical expertise/knowledge and couple that with the parts we cannot do as an outsider. It gives excellent results and of course, makes sure we find reliable partners. The question here is: what if the person we are employing is a dishonest charlatan? We would take the risk and fund it from our resources. If it went wrong we would have to refund it.

Which countries does https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/  focus on? We are expanding but doing it slowly and where we already have a connection. For example, as the Czech Republic where our owner’s wife originates from. As well as the Slovak Republic which was once part of the same country and shares the same language. Germany where we have a former client who has become friends and can look after that end. The same applies to Poland

Search for someone living in another country.

What you need to establish before requesting our help, or anyone else is of course the costs. However, do keep in mind it will take us some time to answer that question. Obviously, off the top of our heads, we are unable to give an instant quote. We need to add quotes received individually for each assignment. But as a rule-of-thumb guide, your quote is likely to be 100% higher than if the charges were for a UK people search assignment.

  1. Q What would be the cost for such a service?
  2. A. To be honest and without wishing to conceal the cost we would need to see the details first. However certainly upwards of £750.00
  3. Q How do we go about the search for a missing person abroad?
  4. A.To be frank the work is done in collaboration with Overseas tracing partners. With us alongside managing and overseeing the task. Any UK agent suggesting they can do the job without the aid of local support we would suggest is very optimistic.
  5. Q Are there any other guarantees or assurances you can find someone abroad?
  6. A. In a nutshell! If anyone tells you any differently we suggest you steer clear of it. The only assurance we can give is that we will do our very best.
  7. Q. How long is the search likely to take?
  8. A. Honest answer-don’t know! But on average 2 months. Although one went into 3 years. Just finding out if someone is deceased or now when overseas us not so easy on overseas traces. To Learn More click here

We shall be adding to this article as we go along.

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