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How to find a person by name

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Finding a person by name

Why would we do that? Most important, it reminds us of who we are! The past resonates because it’s a part of our identity and personal history. Shared experiences and memories with people from our past form a unique narrative that can’t be replicated with someone new. These shared experiences create a bond and a sense of familiarity, which can bring comfort and a sense of belonging.

Over time, we may tend to remember past relationships more positively, focusing on the good aspects and downplaying the negative ones. This can give past relationships a glamorized or nostalgic hue. Reminiscing about these times, especially with someone who was part of them, can be pleasurable and comforting. It allows us to revisit and reconnect with parts of our identity that we may have forgotten or lost over time.

In essence, the resonance of the past lies in its ability to remind us of who we were, which in turn helps us understand and appreciate who we are now. It’s like flipping through a sensory scrapbook, filled with snapshots of our past selves. Each page, each memory, contributes to our ongoing story. It’s a testament to our growth, our changes, and the enduring elements of our identity.

Find a Person by name in the UK

Let’s have a look here at what are the choices and options.

How to find a person by name in England. To the average person in the street, it appears quite a simple task to find out where somebody once lived. With today’s advanced technology compared to what we had  30 years ago a piece of cake.

Today we also have the benefit of:192.com. A detailed ‘paid for’ online resource opportunity. This enables people to search the UK voters list/electoral roll from the comfort of their own home-brilliant.

However, the search is not comprehensive as it only includes people who opted to allow their details to be shown on the “open” version of the electoral register.

The other version known as the ‘closed’ version gives an option for the individual to shield themselves from being found by the public when perusing www.!92,com It’s still possible to view this information but only under supervision usually it involves going to the Town Hall or local Library. Of course, you do need to know the street/road where they live beforehand.

Find a person by name in England

Whereas 30 years ago the only way to peruse the electoral register was to either personally visit the local library, town hall, or British library where all these local directories were stored.

However, 30 years ago the register was 100% comprehensive and complete with everyone listed. Apart from people excluded who might be seen as under threat to their life national security or personal well-being everyone was on the list.

But….if you never knew the precise road/street of the location you would have to work your way through the entire directory. A big job, but doable. So you might find yourself spending 2–3 days locked away in the library archives.

Option two 

find a person by address UK

Instead of searching by a person’s name instead, we search by a person’s address.

There used to exist many years ago a great directory named ‘Kelly’s Directory”. It was in many ways similar to the electoral register, with a section of commercial listings too. But one of the drawbacks with both Kelly’s, and the electoral register, was how up-to-date, was it. The limitation with all these directories both 30 years and today is: are these listings current and comprehensive? Answer NO.

Why?  Many of you may remember the local council complied these listings throughout the year, with a cut-off day around August. Then the whole thing for that year was compiled in a publication around March of the following year. So, any listing after August was left off and carried over to the next year. In that period of time, people could have emigrated, relocated, or indeed died. Not to mention changing their name by deed poll, going to Prison, or other scenarios.

Let’s look at various options in how to find someone.

1. Find an address by a person’s name

description: The first and foremost and fatal barrier here is that in most cases there are literally thousands of others with exactly the same name. You can’t rely on location because they may have moved, or equally living in the same location, which one is it? Other than a massive door-knocking campaign forget it. If it was 30 years ago or more they have probably moved.

The only options open are Facebook you may be lucky but don’t hold your breath. It’s a case of pot luck! Also, on Facebook, there is the frustration of sending a message, and so often there is no response. Leaving us in the dark and wondering why. If they don’t answer, you can’t ask them why!

2 find the address by phone number

15 years ago. Every town and city had a telephone directory and if the surname was quite unusual you might be able to easily find them. Especially if you vaguely remembered their address to corroborate it. But today, phone directories no longer exist as very few people actually have landlines anymore. So that method of finding someone’s address is unfortunately over. Indeed, finding phone numbers nowadays is passé.

Finding a person by their email. Not easy unless it is offered to you by the recipient. A directory of email subscribers to the best of our knowledge does not exist. In any event, you would actually need the person’s address before beginning the search. Which of course defeats its object of it.

3, Benefits of hiring a professional people finder

But it will not be cheap. Unbeknown to many an average search takes over 30 hours of someone’s time. We can say without any shadow if you can afford it though this is the way to go. One huge advantage they possess is access to some directories not generally available to the public. As we described above there is an open and closed version of the electoral register.

Some licensed tracers can access the closed directories with certain restrictions. Without access to the closed directory using this method is often virtually impossible. They can click on a couple of buttons on a PC screen and find your target person in a matter of hours. Often these traces are inexpensive, and it works well if that person has been in circulation for the last 10–15 years. Older traces going back 50 years and more, are very tough without the assistance of a tracer virtually impossible.

In conclusion, find a person by the name UK. In all circumstances, it’s very much about who you know!

Lastly what about costs? Well…… Yes, it ain’t free!!

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