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Find A Lost Love. Firstly Remember: “Some Day you might hope to look back at Everything we Once Shared together. Regretting, Every Single Thing You Did To Let It Die.”

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When attempting to find a lost love it is for many people a mission tinged with sadness. A sad loss- often of their own making which never quite goes away. When considering it was you who actually ended the relationship. Especially knowing the chances of reconnecting are quite slim. People Finder UK delivers a second chance.

Dilemma and paradox of how to find a lost love.

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Mistakes: Because I knew how much you loved me I arrogantly abused your love and devotion. Assuming you would always forgive Me. Despite how awfully I often treated you. We want to help you to “put it right”.

But be mindful you take a huge risk here. If you do reconnect, what will the outcome be? Nevertheless to find a lost love is really worth the effort, even if it ends in a knockback.

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Guiding you on how to find a lost love. From experience, this is a tricky one. Not so much finding them but- their reaction! We find there is less than a 50 % success rate.

Why is that you ask? Of course, we cannot be sure on this one but often the other party simply refuses to respond.

To find A Lost Love -ex (sweetheart)

Possible explanations as to why the response rate is poor.

We, of course, don’t -know as there was no reason given why they never responded,-. However, our guess is that deep mental and sore wounds still exist even after fifty years has passed. They were humiliated, and just don’t want to go there again.  Even if the person only genuinely wishes to “say sorry” they do not want any reminders. Let’s face it we can’t blame them as it was you’re doing in the first place.

Another issue is their current spouses may forbid such contact.

Or indeed the spouse never knew of this historic relationship and the person wishes to keep it that way.

Conversely, many spouses are really pleased for their spouse, that a person from their distant past, wishes to say hello again. Perhaps have a cup of coffee now and again. Usually, our clients are in their 70s and seek nothing more than to catch- up and see how their life has panned out.

It is in our opinion very much worth the effort in trying to trace old friends

Otherwise, you will just never know until you tried. For sure the desire does not diminish with the passing of time- it becomes stronger.

To find a lost friend there are many tempting low-cost offers-

If the trace goes back to the 1960’s 70s it will take weeks. Why not begin your search with the Salvation Army. Contact: Tel: 07561 698 453 email:


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