find my old friend 

Find My Old Friend

Q. How long does it take on average to conclude a search?

A) From our experience –cca.30 hours. You will find more about how the time is taken up by reading through our website.

 Q. Why don’t you publish your success rates as a percentage?

A) Quite pointless. How can we prove it? You would need access to all our files to corroborate it. Which contravenes data protection rules. The fact is, we could tell you anything!

Q) Something most of your competitors appear a bit coy to cover-failure rate?

A) Yes, there has been some. We warn every potential client of this possible outcome. It would insult your intelligence to boast a 100% success rate. Sometimes It’s what appears the easier ones. In prison for example (no trace) hiding below the radar, changed name by deed-poll. Moved abroad without any forwarding address. Died abroad, the list is exhaustive. However, In reality, our success rate (approx) is around 90%

Q. If you discover the client is deceased, will I receive a refund of any money I have paid?

A) Unless we are able to establish it at the outset, which is unlikely. Take for example “female” searches, we only get the name they had when single. Usually we cannot find out the final surname of the individual (maybe married and divorced numerous times) until we are reaching the end of the search.

Same for death certificates. We don’t have the final surname in the case of females until the latter stages. The surname you give us (maiden name, usually) is not the surname she had when she passed away. Males are almost as difficult. Take for example John Smith! It would take us ages. We do run an initial search, but it’s rarely conclusive. Unfortunately, Deaths listings cannot just be plucked out of a hat. This is TBH a risk you run! We have in the past picked it up twice and did advise the client. They are both more than happy to confirm this upon request.

Q. What about when you find the individual  |  they do not wish to make contact?

A) Yes, it can happen, but is something we have no control over. As far as we are aware it’s never occurred where the friendship was same sex and Platonic- Such as: School, Uni, and social buddies.

However, conversely where the relationship was of a romantic nature ending acrimoniously, it can be more complicated. Yes, rebuffs can happen. Sometimes, for example, one party just doesn’t want to revisit/go back there. Or they simply do not answer the mail sent.

We can only guess, but it could be fuelled by fear of damaging their current marriage /relationship. Especially if they or their spouse are prone to certain jealousy tendencies.

We have for example heard of cases where the spouse screened all their partner’s mail. In this case, your letter may never get to them. These scenarios are rare but can happen. So be aware of these potential unfavourable outcomes. We have to tell you this!

Q. Will my case be in a long line of other pending cases? 

A) Categorically… NO!  Many of our former clients will vouch for this- we could put you in touch. Or instead just try hiring us, and see what happens. Generally, you will be placed on hold for between 2 weeks to a month. Not because we are conveying an impression of super busy, It’s more the case we do not want to overstretch ourselves. Each case deserves proper attention.

Moreover, we have an old-fashioned philosophy here. One which sadly today is long gone in today’s frenetic market. We never prioritise a new customer over an existing one.

We find it repugnant that many larger organisations these days are more interested in chasing a new customer’s money, than that of an existing client. You have already handed over his/her money. We do not accept that all the perks and discounts should only be for the new customer. Well, not in our book! You as the existing client are our 100% priority focus. If you join us, you will be treated exactly the same. Often asked to wait awhile before we can work on your case.

Q. How much experience do your team possess in this field?

A) Our head researcher (John) we can say on his behalf is a gentleman from the long gone 1950s era. A quiet people tracing genius (really) a brilliant researcher of virtually unparalleled talent in this field. Undiminished by age, now age 75, he possesses a natural modesty and quiet unassuming presence  a “people tracer” extraordinaire since the 1960s. Take a look here 

Nowadays, John in our view should chill-out more. Left to his own devices he would work 24/7. He is a product of the 1950s indomitable generation of working class secondary modern failures. An under achiever who failed his 11 plus exam. Taught mainly by the generation of WW2 veterans who instilled in him so many virtues.

His unruffled/unflappable coolness prevails in most cases. He possesses the priceless experience of a multi-dimensional thinking. Indeed, we have to restrain him as his energy is unrequited. Refreshingly, he can sort out the wood from the chaff. He is our guide and mentor and right at the heart of every single project.

Q) Can I pay by credit card?

A) No, we don’t take them.