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Face-lifting surgery overview

facelift surgery
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Facelift surgical uplift. Turning the clock back.

Facelift surgery corrects loosening and drooping facial skin tissue. Together with smoothing and flattening the formation of wrinkles which are of courses a natural sign of ageing.

Article courtesy of Europa International 1996-2015 Cosmetic surgery coordinators UK-Prague.

The age at which these adverse indications become apparent is individual. But generally range between age thirty to fifty years. After that, it just flattens out and does not change very much.

Unless there is either a substantial weight gain or loss. It also depends on the type of skin, hereditary factors, profession, and or exposure to the sun.

Surgical facelift eliminates the problems of ageing skin.

In particular ptosis or drooping of the skin and the apparatus of the fine facial muscles. The surgery is performed on both women and men.

Face-lift surgery – what happens how is it performed?

After a full general anaesthetic: The surgeon makes an incision from the hairline at the temple downwards in front of the ear auricle and around the ear lobe.

This provides access to work in the midface area.

Once this section is completed and the skins in stretched back and the excess excised, it is on to round two-the neck!

Another incision is created behind the ear and at an angle following the hairline.

This enables the surgeon to pull up and excise the loose skin in the neck and lower jaw region. Then the surgeon excises lifts and removes the excess skin tissue.

Drains are applied to the surgical wounds to drain excess fluid.

This procedure eliminates the risk of bruising in the areas operated on. The drains should be removed approximately 1-2 days after surgery.

Facelifting surgery (rhytidectomy) restore a more youthful appearance.

We can’t of course promise to make you look age 21 again. But what we can promise is to make you look younger than your years. Delivering a distinguished and elegant look that is pleasing to you, and others around you.

You will not be able to judge the final results immediately after the operation. The results will be more obvious after the swelling resolves. This on average takes around 3 weeks. Finaal result after 2 months.

After your Full face-lift surgery (post-op)

It is recommended you wear post-op a compression garment – rather like a turban!

This is an important part of the treatment to aid the healing process. It helps keep the treated injured tissues close together. It also minimises swelling and helps prevents the accumulation of fluids.

How long the compression garment should be worn will vary patient- to -the patient. The regeneration period can take up to one month or even longer. Thereafter, the patient can safely resume all of his / her normal activities.

Cosmetic surgery  |  Facelifts

Focusing on just one single part of the face is usually insufficient to achieve total “wow factor”.

To achieve a great overall result we recommend including eyelids and eye bag correction known as: blepharoplasty. Otherwise, in 5 years time, the eyes will be that of a much older person. Out of kilter.

Also, many patients at the same time opt to include correction of sagging forehead and brow.  Occasionally, combining chin liposuction can be beneficial. Of course, we appreciate it’s all about funds permitting.

Additional information: During the first week after the surgery, consume only soft liquid food and avoid any sudden movement. The patient should avoid direct sunlight for 1 to 2 months.

Facelift Surgery procedure – risks

Serious complications in facelift surgery are fortunately something of a rarity.

However, nerve damage is serious but thankfully extremely rare. Pulling the tissue too tight increases this risk.

Is a Facelift Surgery procedure Right for Me?

A facelift procedure is not the panacea of youth and you should have realistic expectations.

As our surgeon once described it-“liken it to a loose and crumpled bedsheet, we can only tuck it back in again, but we can’t give you a new bedsheet!”

A Face-lift surgery procedure does not affect things such as permanent perpendicular wrinkles/lipstick bleed lines. Laser can deal with most of this.

In the case of Nasolabial grooves, you can expect improvements up to 60%. Further, you can achieve improvements by another procedure known as auto-implantation.

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