Seeing an old flame after a long time?

What are the odds of a happy outcome?

Contact an old flame theoretically offers a wide range of tempting positive experience in-store. For example closure, emotional absolution, and dealing with feelings of guilt etc. A genuine wish to find out how someone you once cared for so much is today doing in life. To face an old flame with these questions can be a very positive experience. Set against this of course can be recriminations feelings of guilt and shame. So, for sure, you will find there are positives and minuses.

Contact an old flame– what to keep in mind

Whilst perhaps down to immaturity at the time you deeply regret being so cold, indifferent and sometimes reckless with that person’s emotions. It is for many an overwhelming pull to turn back the clock and find an old school childhood sweetheart flame.

Contact an old flame today you have the benefit of wisdom gained through age, and life experiences. It’s A very compelling experience to try and confront your guilt. Or try to repair any lasting bad memories or indeed Just to apologise!

To maximise your chances of success to contact an old flame we suggest showing respect tolerance, and kindness towards them.

Elderly couple
contacting an old flame

Also do not over flatter them

Allow them very much to be in their comfort zone.  Maintain a respectful low-key approach without any demands only polite requests.

Contact an old flame. This way by listening you can learn to judge better what are the parameters they are comfortable with.  Being patient and non-pushy can lead to more and better long term bonding. Much better than attempting to smother them. Especially if in the past there was some acrimony in the relationship.

An old flame
Lovely reunion after a long time apart
  • Tracing an old flame from the distant past often rekindle many positive memories from your earlier life
  • Often old flame memories are rekindled through dreams. The dream can become the catalyst to reconnecting with that person.

In conclusion, finding a long lost friend is always certainly worth a try

Generally, with “goodwill” any bad memories are blotted out. Most people who wish to reconnect with an old “boy or girlfriend” lost are genuine and for a sincere reason.

Wishing to restore at least a friendship and to remain that way – that’s why an old flame decides to contact you in most cases. Very few are seeking or expecting any kind of romance. Having said that we dont really know as there are some who will not admit their true motives for reconnection. So, in truth, none of us really know the answer here.

On the other hand for some, the reunion is a huge and positive plus for both- romantically. Many of our old flame seekers are elderly and living alone for various reasons.

What a fillip in their lives to meet up again with an old high school friend now possible widowed/er or divorced, and equally living alone. To find them again after many decades is something quite wonderful and rejuvenates their lives.

  • Why do old flames come back?

Of course there are many possible answers to that question too frequent and varied to cover all of them here. But to give some indication from our experience, reaching out to an old flame delivers a certain special unique, comfort, and reassurance. Often just what’s needed when perhaps on the rebound from a painful experience in the romance dept. Think of the old expression/saying:- its better the devil you know-than the unknown! We understand from various statistics published, reconnecting with an old flame enjoys a very high success rate. So, yes, go for it!

  • Is it a good idea to rekindle an old flame?

Speaking to others and from our own considerable experience when contact an old flame, although there are both plus and minuses, statistics show an overwhelming history of successful reconnections. Of course each individual is unique and different, it does however looks on balance, to be a good idea.

One huge plus is you both clearly remember the mistakes made first time around, and do everything not to not to repeat them. Also there is a refreshing maturity that evolved over time which can help things along. Fresh start, new approaches but all with a familiar post old flame. Certainly lots to learn about picking up on everything again.

  • How to contact an old flame?

Lets begin by saying the chances of you reconnecting naturally are very slim. So some intervention is required. One of the most popular approaches are via a third party. Like a go-between or a referee. In the early stages this can generate a more open and frank approach than you yourself might convey. Of course you then have to find such an intermediary whom you can trust.  Obviously a mutual friend is a good option and non-judgemental.

But if it was a few years ago how many people have you actually retained a friendship with. Some are living miles away, others abroad, and in most cases unable to arrange a physical meeting. In conclusion we feel the best solution although far from perfect, is to employ an agency here we respectfully mention ourselves friends reconnected who specialises in reconnecting old friends/old flames. They can maintain a healthy barrier until both parties are ready. Of course there are many other solutions/ptions but we hope we have provided a few pointers. Good Luck.

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