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Experts in finding a special old friend

Connect to a lost friend. Our services help you reach out to a hitherto absent friend.

Our renowned and widely acclaimed experts specialise in reuniting a long-lost loved one, an old military buddy, ex-classmate, favourite school teacher, childhood first sweetheart, or quite simply an old special friend you lost touch with. Helping put you in touch again with someone, you perhaps thought was lost forever.


Experienced people tracer’s for over five decades

Since the 1960s we have been reconnecting with old friends. Try closing your eyes and visualising that one single person whom you would most love to see again.

Connect to a lost friend is precisely what we have been successfully doing for a long time. Reconnecting you to an old friend is exactly what we do.

What in life surpasses the sheer joy of reuniting two long-lost old friends? Friends Reconnected specialist tracing services do precisely – that! Indeed it’s our forte!

Are we any good at it? We reckon so but we would say that! Actually, we prefer to let our achievements speak for us! Take a look at our most challenging testimonial!

The 1960s and 1970s is our era

Reconnect lost friends

1960s trendies. To think that today some could be languishing in some awful care home!

Reconnect with long term friends

Dedicated to all the people you once loved who have gone!

Connect to a lost friend. Yes, we do cover most eras but unashamedly the 1960s and 70s are our favourite. This equally applies to many of our visitors too.

Being for them the most important and memorable period in their lives. We provide the window of opportunity to revisit.

Often touched with nostalgia and a touch of sadness. How often do we hear:- that this era was when I foolishly lost my first true love. Also reviving Platonic friendship which is to them of equal importance. A heady mix of joy, euphoria, and sadness in between.

How to find lost friends?

Time is running out. Try to reconnect with old friends before it’s too late

Of course, trying to reconnect with old long-lost friends normally requires skill and knowledge to be successful in finding lost friends.

Of course, for many of our enquirers there was never any romantic background. Instead, they were seeking old friends-only.

Usually going back to a part of their growing-up era. For example: – school, youth era, college, university, military, or adolescent mates.

With the passing of time and approaching old age, many of us become more aware of the inexorable sands of time running. Each day that recedes is one day less on the ticking clock.

We reach the stage in life when viewing the obituary’s column is a weekly ritual.

If you are up for it, we will try our very best to reconnect you once again with your lost sweetheart, or long-time friend.

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