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We’ll meet again | don’t know When | Lost Love!

Making we’ll meet again a reality. Do you remember when separating from someone special in your life thinking those words, immortalised by:- Dame Vera Lynn. We’ll meet again, don’t know where don’t know when!  For those who today wish to fulfil that promise – “we’ll meet again,” we are here to assist in making it […]

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Australia | N.Z | Ex-Pats Friends Reunited

Australia UK Friends Reunited Australia UK Friends Reunited | Ex-Pats Friends Reuniting Service  |  Reconnecting Emigrants:- To And From Australia N.Z | UK and Ireland. This dedicated people finding services sector- Australia and New Zealand was formed as a special friend reunited resource for OZ and NZ. Our Innovative Australia UK Friends Reunited service Focusses […]

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Tracing an old friend | A Bitter Sweet Taste of Success

Tracing my old friend for 47 years | was it all worth it? I had been trying (unsuccessfully) for almost 47 years, to trace my dear old friend uk. The one who I spent nearly all my early years together with. My unforgettable and cherished friend from the past, where are you? Having exhausted many other […]

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The 1960s | Remember That First Love?

The 1960s Remember Your First love? Did You Call Your Sweetheart On This Type Of Phone? Trace a long-lost friend in the UK | We are People Finders | A distant past friend | let’s go find them. Do you remember waiting at a pre-arranged time of day anxiously listening for the phone to ring? […]

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Reaching out | to old friends

Rekindling Lost Friendships Friends Reconnected UK. Helps you in reviving those fading memories of people, places, events, and the flavours of nostalgia. Here is a great link to those wishing to trace lost friends. Lost friends reunited UK Find a person in England. “Where are you”? Is a question which often goes around inside the […]

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Hello Old Friend | Are You There?

Tracking Down An Old Friend uk.-Reconnect with people from your past. We find people right across England and beyond. For quite some time now I find myself reflecting on the puzzle of often seeing people, I really liked entering into my life, and then subsequently exiting out of it. Old Friends! Tracing old friends | […]

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Friends Reunited | UK

Friends Reconnected UK | Was created to fill a void. Modelling itself on the now-defunct popular search portal-friends Reunited. We help reunite old friends and lost relatives in finding one another. Spanning right across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. In addition, we find an old school friend, or from military, college, university. As well as […]

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How Can I Find Old Friends

Remembering Old Friends | Based in England | we cover the entire UK. whether it be a long-lost love, childhood sweetheart, teenage buddy, military service pal, old school friends-we do our very best to trace them. Do you recall; Hanging out with old friends and saying things like: “do you remember “this and that” it is […]

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Long lost friends

Tracing a lost friend in the UK How to find a lost friend in England. Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about the past? Maybe sometimes looking back at your earlier life through rose-tinted glasses? Should you attempt to trace an old friend? A close colleague, former partner or even an ex-lover? Many pluses and […]

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Find An Old Pal | You There?

Friends from the past | do you still value them? What happened to | My Good friend? Scenes from the UK back in the 1950s. Memories of shared times together through school. into teens and then growing up. That special one from the past who was always there for you. The one who sadly somehow and somewhere […]