60 Year Search for Lost Sweetheart

Sad Ending After a 60-year search for lost Sweetheart

Search for lost Sweetheart
Image Attribution to Plymouth Herald.

This Search for lost Sweetheart culminated  in a sad bitter – sweet ending. After a marathon search over many years it ended in failure. We can across the story and approached the newspaper covering it and offered to help.

But it was an unfortunate-bittersweet outcome! He, having spent years trying to find her across numerous websites, news media etc only to discover she had sadly passed away. Plymouth Herald click here for the story : 

We were  quite struck by this particularly moving story, and of our own volition  approached the Plymouth Herald to offer our assistance. As it turned out it was not particularly challenging case and in all modesty we were able to find her  in under 4 hours.

However, that unfortunately was the end of the good-news in this particular case. Frustrating and horribly true, we discover she had died only last September. What a great shame and we felt the pain as if it were our own. Nevertheless, it t does reinforce what we always have maintained all along, if you really want to find an old friend/sweetheart etc then do it NOW.

Or you can bet your life the trail will eventually “kick you in the teeth”. It’s as if fate seems to take some perverse pleasure in letting you down.

But on the positive side of the argument he managed to find out this information 100%. So he does not need to fret over whether she is still with us, or not. He will continue to remember her knowing he did everything within his power to find her. He could never reproach himself, or kick himself for not trying even harder.


Romantic war hero needs your help to find his lost sweetheart

The pair met in Singapore whilst they were serving in the British Army

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