Trace Missing Beneficiaries

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Beneficiary tracing

Missing beneficiary tracing Our professional heir hunting trace agents will assist you when you need to find a missing beneficiary after someone has died testate. Our extensive beneficiaries, people tracing, and genealogy research expertise will take care of this tedious process for you.

Finding missing heirs beneficiary tracing is a tricky business.

Especially if you only have a name, and you’re unsure of their current location. The period after a loved one has passed away is hard to deal with on its own. You don’t need or want to worry about extra admin hassles.

Did you know one-third of people arrange an estate without taking any legal advice 

One in three people decides to rather sort out an estate on their own, instead of using a solicitor.

We are in no way legal advisors. Our role at Friends Reconnected is in tracking down potential missing heirs.  We have an extremely high success rate with ‘people finder’ who are passionate about their job. Our people tracing charges are highly competitive in the industry. Plus, we believe in playing open cards with our clients. You don’t have to worry about unexpected costs when choosing our beneficiary tracing services.

Our missing beneficiary tracing services cover the entire UK

It may be of interest that we have a tracing agent partner based in Prague. They assist us with cases in the greater Europe area as well as coordinating America and the Pacific basin.

If you have decided to make use of a solicitor to sort out the will of a deceased loved one, we will gladly work together with your legal team to assist them in the process of finding a missing beneficiary. If you are dealing with a situation where no will was ever drawn up, we can also assist you or your legal team to find the nearest next-of-kin.

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