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long lost love

Lost love where are you now?

Finding a lost sweetheart (an old flame)

You only remember ex-girlfriends first name. Can we find them?

It’s still theoretically possible but, only if we have the full names of any friends or relatives. With that information and not a common surname such as “Smith” we will give it a go. Without that information, it’s virtually impossible. UNLESS you are prepared to spend literally £1000’s on the search.

A question many of our enquirers are keen to know about

Where are you now (of course) and what are you doing? Happy? How has life been for you?  Married, are you a grandparent etc.

For those of us IN a certain age bracket, these words resonate. Inspired thoughts perhaps prompted by a song which resurrects memories of a long-lost era.

For example “Lost Love-Where Are You Now  My Love”

Those lazy hazy days- long gone by becoming magnified in their importance to us oldies.  Perhaps we are wearing rose-tinted glasses!

Those lazy, hazy, long hot summer days of the mid-1960s or another time.

Memories stubbornly linger on in the hearts and minds. Memories of perhaps a period of youthful naivety baby boomer generation.

It always seemed to be never-ending long hot summer days. Hippies wearing funky clothing adorned with wildflowers and sandal-wearing, spreading peace and kindness to others.

Of course, there were many not so good aspect of this era too. But no doubt we probably inadvertently cut these negatives out of the landscape. But it was for most of us -a great time.

A time with totally no stress or worries. Approaching mid-teens and heading rapidly towards adulthood and eventual boring responsibility. So: Where are you now… my former sweetheart? Is it possible I can find you!-again? Oh, I do hope so, if only to say just one more time-hello again. But…Lost Love Where Are You Now….!!! Somewhere out there but- where?

Lost Love where are you now-Reflecting on a time long gone and my old flame

For many, the most vivid and lingering memories are those of the loves which were won and lost. From my own personal recollections, more about the ones I had lost as I was never very good at this dating lark. Certainly not the stereotype rugged brooding handsome macho like “James Dean” for example.

Regret over bad behaviour towards an ex-girl or boyfriend.

Lost Love where are you now is something we often ask ourselves. Can you forgive me?

Personally, at times I was in hindsight unkind to some of my ex-girlfriends. Conversely, some of my girlfriends were not particularly kind to me either. Perhaps they weren’t interested.

Maybe we hoped after treating them unkindly they would try to be more submissive and run after us. In many cases from my experiences, this was not the case. Indeed, some I have reconnected with some fifty years later still bear a grudge, and want nothing more to do with me. That is despite a very respectful and humble apologetic letter.

Apart from the obvious- why does an old friend or lover not at least write back and say a simple “hello I am fine”. but don’t write again.  This is something we will never know the answer to!

Where are you now my dear old friend?

Want us to investigate and attempt to find that special old friend, the one- who got away? We do have a very good success rate but it does take a considerable amount of time.

Lost Love where are you now let’s go find them. Time is running out for us baby boomers.lets not delay!

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