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findA friend from the past

Find someone a friend from the past. Trace a Lost friend from those memorable times and places back in the 1960s.

Actually tracing people is what we do, it is our mission. Finding people, old friends, or lost loves and more is our brief.  Not only across the UK but worldwide.

To find a person. We feel it a very fitting gesture as you make up 70% of our people finder requests. Searching for old friends lost from way-back in the passages of time is a great honour for us.

Rekindling buried memories of those magically exciting unforgettable and heady days back in the 1950s/1960s/1970s/1980s.

Remembering all our yesterdays.

Find Lost friends from the UK. Someone who has faded into history from that magical 1960s era. Is their memory still etched into your memory bank? That, of your very first girl or boyfriend.

Do you feel twinges of sadness that you are possibly parted forever? Can you imagine us finding them for you? Wouldn’t that be something?

A friend from the past.

Has a rightful place to remain in your heart and cannot be replicated by anyone else.

We bet you remember their name as well as what they looked like. Not to mention the road on which they lived, and probably the street number.

How about the car their parents owned and registration plate, etc?. My parents owned an “Austin 10”. Reg. number: DAR 997.

The Austin 10

 Purchased from a reliable source:- the local Vicar. 

We would like to indulge in some random thoughts shared by John our consultant. John, seen below.

He was himself one of our 1960s teenagers.

He describes numerous Flashbacks that sporadically and without any premeditation, suddenly sprang to mind. There were also, he acknowledged a number of vivid revisits during sleep-(dreams) it was as if we travelled back in time-If Only!

Here we move on to some images which prompt nice memories. Remembering a truly Golden Era- the unforgettable 1960s.

A typical Girl-Next- Door-1960s
A friend from the past
The One &; Only Billy Fury
A friend from the past
Back- In -The -Day,  Piccadilly Circus Joe Brown and The Bruvvers.

A friend from the past
What An Exciting Line-Up-We Were There!
A friend from the past
This Guy Needs No Introduction, A Bounder!
A friend from the past
We Remember Each Item On This List

Remembering Old friends and the part they played in your life.

Tracing my first sweetheart. That first romance when we were young and innocent.

With age and acquired wisdom many of us learned in reality we possessed very few true friends. The benefit of hindsight is of course a wonderful perspective aspect to possess.

However, in reality, these so-called friends were often selfish, thinking more about themselves and what they might gain.

Gone in the blink of an eye! Inexplicably, puzzling, and in hindsight and to our shame we often neglected them too. Our true friend, in favour of that superficial one.

It’s a shame that it takes so many years “under the belt” before we realise it. Of course, to be fair many may think the same about us. Nevertheless, why on earth did we do it!

A friend from the past
Roy Orbison: A True Legend

In later years, often many of us find ourselves isolated and living alone. A time to reflect on our lives, and who was and who wasn’t a friend. Usually, the tally rarely exceeds one!

What better experience now than to go find them.

Of course, they may not be interested but if you don’t ask you don’t get it!

It may be of interest uniquely in the people tracing industry, our own management team of Libby and John are both themselves in the over 70s age bracket.

John nowadays is a non-executive volunteer, but nevertheless is still the driving force. That is, despite being age 75, still possesses the energy and an unabated drive, and passion, to find lost people.

Indeed, in the fields of searching for lost friends and lost loves John retains a calm head and quietly keeps an eye on what’s going on. Having been involved sporadically in this field since 1962 he has earned that distinction. Read more on this: click here

Taking you back in time

Dedicated to people whom you have loved- and now gone from your life

Real Friends! Remorse and regrets drive our enquirers to reach out. That’s what we have learned as to why and how so many people find themselves desperately reaching out.

Reaching to those who were in hindsight their real, true and genuine friends. We find reconnecting them is so rewarding and puts an invigorating spring back into the steps of our pensioners.

Reconnecting them with friends from their youth just lights up their faces and is a joy to behold. Just to see the faces of old friends once again is quite priceless.

Friends from the past are truly best friends. One of the most delightful benefits of writing and helping create some of these web pages is to enjoy sauntering back through the passages of time.

It’s something John never tires of doing, rekindling memories of lost people, friend’s, names, and places. Where were you at any given moment, and what were YOU doing, and who were you with at the time? Below is where I often wandered to, for some Retail Therapy!

carnaby street
Carnaby Street

We intend to help put a spring back into the steps of our older citizens, although not exclusively for the elderly. By us helping them to do what they tell us they want to do more than anything: is reconnecting with friends from their youth. Sadly, many of them these days possess nothing more than a few fading memories. We aim to add to that!

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