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People tracing | people finding is what we do. Helping find lost friends. Mainly across England, although we do cover all UK and beyond.

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People finders are us!

Trace a long lost friend 

People trace lost friends, childhood sweethearts, long-lost love, teenage best friend or first love.

Find someone you knew from long ago 

People Searching-lost friend finder. Find someone, Indeed, people tracing is our forte.


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I Highly Reccomend John & His Services 

Thanks For All You Did For My Mum. Love, Loraine.

Typewriter message

John worked tirelessly (30 hours+) to help my elderly Mum find her old friend. Unexpectedly, due to her passing John kindly waived the final fee due. What a Star!  Loraine Elvin. Loraine has kindly offered to speak to anyone considering using our services. Contact us to schedule a phone chat!

Friends Reconnected are proud to announce that uniquely in this field, we are owned and operated by two senior citizens. Our service is unhurried, focussed and confined to just one client at a time. We are open, frank, and above all, we don’t do B.S. 

Unusually John maintains contact afterwards with most of our ex-clients.

Typically, he recently surprised an ex-client by phoning out of the blue, to offer him good luck with his forthcoming hospital cancer treatment. His warmth turns clients into long term friends.

Turning to John’s role we gain greatly from his life experience. Not to mention his razor-sharp analytical mind, coupled with exceptional lateral thinking skills.

John, a product from the so-called post-war baby boomer era. Describing himself as one of those runny-nosed little street urchins, sporting his wire-framed NHS spectacles. Failed his 11 plus! Raised in an era of strong moral values and discipline.

Here is john in action on this case click:- here

find a lost friend

He is ably assisted by his wife “Liba”. More on John here: There is more here.

Here is one for you | Tracing mother’s old friend

Our people finder services were instructed to assist in reuniting Shirley with Dena. 

To read the story on Dena click here  Amateur shot Video Below

People Searching is what we do.

Helping you find a person | tracing of someone you fondly remember. Perhaps a loyal first girl/boyfriend (who you let down) today is now lost in the sands of time.

Perhaps an old friend from school days, Cubs, brownies, girl guides, boy Scouts, teenage era (youth clubs) or a social friend.

How important is finding a lost friend?

It must be, otherwise, logically you wouldn’t be here- right? Those semi-dormant thoughts just linger on. Actually many people say they will remember that first or early love forever. 

Recalling the 1960’s do you remember Radio Caroline?- Yes it’s back!! Click here to listen: Radio Caroline-Aka Mi Amigo. The DJ might well have been- Simon Dee. Or: Que Serra, Doris Day! 

Who are our clients? 

Although not exclusively, many are today senior citizens. Indulging in retracing their steps, wanting to feel that energy once again from their often wayward youth.

Closing their eyes and imagining a wild evening back in 1966 at the”Hammersmith Palais” with their first real sweetheart at that time.

Suddenly and sometimes inexplicably there is an overwhelming urge to reach out to them again. They want to go back there! We are delighted to help them in this quest.

Once the genie is out of the bottle tracing a lost ex-girlfriend/boyfriend can become all-consuming.

In your case why and how did you lose contact?

Let’s face it, you probably “can” remember! Often acrimoniously. 

Conversely, scribbling down an address on a scrap of paper then carelessly losing it? A disaster 40 years ago. 

Or the cardinal sin – betraying your best friend!

Betrayal… the dastardly deed of taking up with your best friends girl/boyfriend-or vice versa! I did in once to my shame!

Why is it so important now to reconnect with your lost old friend?

A myriad of different reasons. A mix of sometimes recrimination, guilt and asking for forgiveness. Set against feelings of warmth and curiosity as to how life has treated them.

Wanting to put an arm around them again, protecting them from the harsh world of today. 

 Who should you use to help find a lost friend?

We suggest your search for that lost special friend or first love, should begin in your own capable hands! Here is a DIY guide click here

 Or you can ask us or another to find that long lost buddy from school, a teenage friend, relative, or a lost first love from your earlier life? We will always take a look at it free of charge. But no pressure there are a few others out there!

You might like to see what some of our clients had to say, see-: testimonials section. Or click here: thank you letters

Here is one that John put together as a birthday gift for his wife. Set at this delightful venue in Prague, Czech Republic.

find a lost friend

John (front row 2nd left) and his wife “liba” (Libby) who originates from Prague (second row, pink top). 

Which age group do most people search for?

Although not limited:  Kids who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. We deliver lost friends finding services from teenage years that far back. The so-called “Baby Boomer-era. The children of our greatest generation!  It’s a big regret that today we are too late to help most of their parents too!

Those kids are today’s 70-80-year-old + grandparents. Remembering a: Joan, Pauline, Jean, John, David, Michael etc. We have an unshakable desire in reuniting them all again.

Were you yourself a teenager of the 1950s or 60s?

To set the tone we have a (see below) YouTube video clip. Poignantly featuring ‘Love Affair’ together with the unique voice of Steve Ellis.

Attribution to Co-writers: Phillip Goodhand-Tait / John Cokell, “Pathé News” YouTube. 

Overage 80’s enquiries. Yes, we have many from this age group too.

Predominantly UK ex-pats, living in places such as Australia, New Zealand USA and Canada. Seeking a long-lost classroom chum, a childhood first crush, first love from as far back as the early 1950s.

The question! Tracing a past love & the profound influential link of music?

A thought! What often first triggers those semi-dormant memories? 

We Reckon The answer is usually: “Music”.

Perhaps a certain memorable song and “voile” the brain regresses. Instantly transporting you back in time to your first serious romantic friend, a school, or maybe an estranged relative.

Who was “your” special soul-mate all those years ago?

What was her/his name? Where was it Clacton Pier 1959? Was her name Sandra by any chance? Listening to Russ Conway?

Or maybe ‘Pearl Carr’ and ‘Teddy Johnson’ in the Eurovision Song Contest? What about Winifred Atwell? Or lastly for now: Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly!!

When reminiscing the brain goes into overdrive.

Thoughts of a long lost sweetheart can vividly remind you of some silly joke you both cracked back-in-the day. Now it’s right there again, lyrics and the music.

Another “memory jogger” is always when I see kids playing on a toboggan.

Instantly I am back there again with my best buddy-Terence!

Find a lost friend

Making our way home after dark and causing anxiety amongst our parents. Terence (Tel) where are you today-mate? To think today he is probably a grandad!

That first love.

Memories of a first girlfriend and her lovely parents’ hospitality. Sitting together in their front room sipping tea from a bone-china cup. Me a pimply-faced skinny youth being weighed up as to my suitability for “future husband” material. Not so skinny these days!

Finding a lost friend/people search journey. What are the chances?

We know from experience in most cases-pretty good! But there again we would say that- wouldn’t we! 

An interesting case spanning three continents. India-UK-Australia.


Our client had not seen his childhood friend since1955 age 11. In those days they were both part of a church choir in Calcutta. Click here for the story Yes we found her!

Here we show another case currently unresolved.

Sweden story

Sweden this time! Maria from Gothenburg: Read John’s story: click here Not seen each other since 1961 on a beach in Eastbourne. She reminded us of Abba. We have recently actively revived this case. We have mobilised new contacts in Sweden.

People Finding | tracing lost friends is our niche!

If only there existed a parallel universe? Epitomised by this beautiful song “going back” click here: Dusty Springfield

The 1960s and other memories: Forgive our slight indulgence here! This quite unforgettable car!

find a lost friend
The incomparable E -Type Jaguar. Iconic 1960s Sports Car. Above is the later V 12 version.

The Hippies, Kings Road, The Roundhouse In Camden. The Moon landing and when we won the world cup in 1966.

Searching For A Lost Friend | Time is running out.

Sadly today for us oldies (as is this author himself) Reconnecting with an old pal or first love is becoming a race against the clock.

Wouldn’t you just love to see them again?

Equally, there is a high chance your Old Friend would just love to see you again too? There is only one way to find out – ask them! Ironically they could today be living just around the corner!

Drawbacks when searching for a lost sweetheart

What dissuades old friends from reconnecting? Often we reckon, vanity, self-consciousness in how their appearance has changed. But this works both ways.

Below the same lady now and 50 years ago. Both look lovely in different ways.

find a lost friend

Remember your first love, boy or girlfriend.

Find a Lost Friend

We find that long lost old flames are mostly prepared to risk damaging the lingering image of their youthful appearance. However, It works on both sides too!

The sheer joy of memories and daft crazy pranks you both got up to. Or jointly recollecting a favourite song from back in the day.

GDPR. (Under review) no longer part of the EU. All traces are fully compliant.

We would like to wish you good luck in your search. If you would like to consider using our service give us a buzz.

People Tracing Services is what we do.

May we say we are quite good at it!  

Even if you’ve previously tried to find an old friend with no luck we might be able to help. Hope we haven’t bored toy too much!

Lastly, whilst a somewhat morbid topic we felt this link could be useful However, we have no idea how accurate or updated it is.


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