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Find a lost Friend

find old friends

Find a lost friend, someone you lost touch with. Do you often wonder how their lives turned out? Or maybe Just To Give Them A Hug- and Say Sorry.

When searching to find a lost friend

You will discover we are unlike most agencies. Here below is a nice story we were recently involved in.

Find A Lost Friend
AboveA Recent success that fills us with immense satisfaction. Dena (centre) and Shirley on right) Two lost friends who we recently reunited. Not seen each other since their R.N. “Wrens” days. We had the honour of being able to play a part in reconnecting them once again.
To read the full story and short video clip
click here

Lost friends finder.

When Reconnecting with someone you lost touch with- may we respectfully point out we are not to be confused with numerous websites offering “same day” £30.00 quickie type searches. This type of search is similar to debt collection/credit type traces. Using software where someone has perhaps moved recently, but gone under the radar.

When you look more closely at the criteria for these types of reconnecting old friends type searches, you will see they require an actual full postal address, dated no more than between 1 to 10 years ago. Usually, it’s 5 years! To us, that’s the sort of thing our grandchildren could undertake.

The differences are with us: Our people search searches go back decades. Often as far as the ’50s ’60s and ’70s. Involving numerous cross-checks. To mention just a few: archive electoral registers mostly held at the British Library-these checks cannot be carried out online. Birth certificate copies, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, passenger lists to see if they emigrated. That’s just for starters.

Find A Lost Friend what motivates us?

To find a lost friend, lost love, or childhood sweetheart is for us very heartening.

When reconnection old friends- what drives us on? For sure, one of our main motivators is that inexorable-‘ticking clock.’ Quite often we see the opportunity of rekindling cruelly foiled by the enemy-‘the passage of time’. Indeed only today we were really-(I can say upset) when due to death, we missed being able to deliver. Well, actually we found her in just 4 hours of research. That is- good news! The ‘bad news’ is: sadly she passed away-September 2019.

So, our message is; don’t hesitate/delay -go for it.

Finding Lost Friends-case study

This one which we would have loved to have succeeded in delivering. To explain in brief; We recently read in a regional newspaper a lovely article see here It described the plight of an elderly gentleman age 78 who was hoping to find a lost sweetheart.

He last had contact back in 1958 whilst serving in the British Army in Singapore. She was a nurse in Royal Army Medical Corp.

The gentleman from Cambridge said he “has and never will give up” seeking ‘Joyce.’ The very beautiful, pretty, and caring young nurse who originated from  Plymouth Stating: “I have tried many times over the years to find her, exhausted numerous search engines, but have been unsuccessful. So I decided to write to you, via Plymouth Live.

Update here! We notified the newspaper we had in fact found Joyce. But prior to: they were actually in touch- sadly-(just before she died) This came about due to a reader who knew Joyce responding to the article. In our opinion it’s bittersweet news. Yes, they did see each other again, but….. If either us or any other professional people tracers had taken up the case earlier, they could have spent much longer together.

Reconnecting old friends

As the years roll by-from-time to time, you might just stop and wonder whatever- happened to that once very special person? The one who once touched your life in such a positive and memorable way. The one that even after so many years has elapsed still remains indelibly etched into your memory. Probably until you eventually leave this earth.

Trace A Long Lost Friend

Reconnecting With An Old Friend-how to go about it.

Here we Describe Some aspects of the tasks ahead when Reconnecting Old Friends

If you are really and seriously determined to reach out to them once again- be under no illusions- reconnecting with an old friend is very challenging. and usually a time-consuming task. 

Perhaps you’ve already learned this from attempting the process yourself. If so, you undoubtedly know it’s not exactly a ‘walk-in-the-park!’

Coupled with the sheer frustration of forever running into countless dead-ends.

People Search-Can we help?

Reconnecting old friends for us a religion. Being seasoned people tracing veterans (since 1962) we have wise old- heads in this- “person tracing department.”

Apart from the acquired and priceless knowledge of knowing “where to look”, we are realists but at the same time mega determined.

We know that although there will undoubtedly be setbacks we are programmed to go again. That is what perhaps sets up apart. People Tracing Services with https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/ We offer our esteemed services to support you in this daunting task!

First, have a close look around at various people searching options out there. Then, maybe you might decide to give us a try!

People Finder Services

We reconnect you (Or do our best) to once again reconnect you with that special and cherished old friend. We Turn back the pages of your personal history.

Here we describe more-on what we are about.

Reconnecting lost friends with an overview.

Let us begin by saying its very much a joint operation. Together we embark on the journey ‘bouncing thoughts and elements’, off each other. Delving deep into your past, in order to help reunite you with that very special person. We do the ‘legwork’ and you help fill in some of the blanks.

People Search is quite varied and complex:-

It may surprise you to know that much of our efforts are not on social media or indeed other online stuff. Actually, to deliver a successful outcome usually involves a substantial amount of old-fashioned “ Mr. Plod” style foot-soldier investigations. This is the category we come into. We are probably the only tracers out there who can work off NO previous address.

Yes, there are plenty of online people search and genealogy sites and other software out there- but: that’s what they are-ONLINE. They require an actual address within the last 5 years. If the software doesn’t deliver that’s it! Chances are they will not do what we do.

When it comes to the people finding business, online, there are still huge gaps to be filled in.

For example “free” software.

Great, but unless you pay It does not give a combined listed address. Names of spouses, name changes (Birth, deed poll or divorce) death record, dates between address, etc. Also unless you know how it works it’s quite difficult to know which search button to press.

Facebook (on its own) rarely provides the specific person we are seeking. It simply throws up hundreds of “maybes” to wade through.

Having said that-Facebook does effectively supplements the information we already have. Giving us valuable access to other family members. Perhaps a son/daughter who can often unlock the puzzle.

Find A Lost Friend How long is it likely to take?

Anything from one day to 6 months. On average working solidly-one day! The longer cases we work voluntarily on them -without pay.

As a brief description of what’s often involved, here are the basics of what we do. Check and crosscheck: Did they ever marry, are they still with the same person?  Were there any children, grandchildren? We look at name changes, Ship and Plane passenger lists, to establish if they emigrated, remarried, divorces. We check and cross-check any siblings, parents and any other family links.

Take a look at some of our actual case studies to gain an idea of what is involved in people finder searches click here

Often taking literally endless hours spent on painstaking data checking. Then cross-checking, again and again, eliminating many false- starts.

Sometimes we need to journey to the individual’s town of birth. Or make a personal visit to any previous addresses. Or to cross-check archived electoral registers, to confirm crucially a person’s middle name.

Naturally, before embarking on such a journey we clear it with our client first.

If that doesn’t work we start again- and see if we missed anything. Going forward, backward, sideways, or turning it all upside down!

Some food for thought when attempting to reconnect with old friends

If considering using our services-For a start, we respectfully ask that you peruse our website in its entirety.

Understandably before arriving here at this point, we suspect many of you may have already exhausted the Internet. Including some rather tempting modest fees.

As described above these low-cost levels of service rely totally on software. Which of course only works in a linear fashion. Click the search button and it comes up or- it doesn’t- (one shot only).

It probably works well if you seek a person who has recently disappeared. Or is in numerous current systems – credit checks, debtors, absconders, etc.

Having said that our charges are quite competitive see details here

GDPR. All traces are fully compliant with GDPR.

Creative thinking we excel at.

re often congratulated on our creative and lateral thinking. This is due to mainly our founder ‘John’s’ long experience in genealogy. A history dating back to the 1960s. We find many of our breakthroughs are due entirely to his creative thinking.

One particular people search case highlights this:-

Having spent on-and-off more than 2 years investigating/researching one particular case TBH, even we were about to give up! Having already exhausted every single route, with not so much as a glimpse of a break-through.

The vital missing link was a ‘time period’-one which needed to be pretty precise.

Basically and crucial to the search, the client just could not remember the exact year when he first met the lady in question. Prompted by us further, he recalled that when they first met – significantly’ he had just bought a rather flashy new car. Which at the time was his pride and joy. Actually the car in question was a Ford Corsair A car which many of our visitors of a certain era will remember.

Moreover, he actually remembered the car registration number. It’s’ a bit like an N.I or National Service number -something you never forget.

We suggested he contact the DVLA archives to find out exactly from when- to -when he actually owned that car….VOILA!!

Now armed with this information enabled us to find her. In short, having the actual year provided us the crucial link we needed. Giving us the names on electoral roll archives) of next door and surrounding neighbours. Although some were now deceased, those who remain, and their siblings gave us what we needed. One neighbour actually knew whom she married, and indeed where she resides today.

Here we have produced a blog on the emotion and feelings behind someone searching to reconnect with that special friend Its aptly entitled Nostalgia and pining towards the past.

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People Tracing Services is what we do, and we are really good at it!

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