We find lost friends!

We find lost friends!

We find lost friends!

The Swinging 1960’s. Memories, People,
& Places. Jump aboard Our
Time Machine.

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Welcome to our find a Lost Friend website. What better way to begin than by featuring: Violet, Dena, and Shirley.

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Find someone UK. How to find people!

Find an old school mate

People Finder UK can bring your old friend back again into your life.

People Finder UK

Where are you, my old friend

Trace a long lost friend UK.

Find a lost friend, childhood sweetheart, first love, old schoolfriend, teenage best pals, military service buddy, or even that favourite schoolmaster.

Friends lost through the passage of time.

Searching for Long lost friends in the UK. Did you once many years ago destroy the trust and devotion shown to you by a teenage girl/boyfriend? We receive numerous remorseful requests to find a person from people age over 70. Many still wracked with guilt over their poor behaviour despite it happening over 50 years ago.

A simple request to ask for forgiveness and to become friends again. We have underestimated how important this is to a lot of people. The remit is for us to find them at all costs!

Reconnecting old friends

This is something our founder “John” has spent a large part of his life engaged in. A veteran of more than 50 years in archive tracing. He remains the guiding light in everything we do!

A few days ago we received a nice and touching letter addressed to John, from an ex-pat in her late 80s living in Australia. So much so, we decided to publish it.

John just simply NEVER gives up

So if you are serious about finding absent friends then-here we are!

Finding an old friend from yesteryear.

It’s undoubtedly far from an easy task. Often there are more twists and turns than in a “Miss. Marple” novel. 90% of which turn out to be dead-ends.

But in most cases, we do succeed. The majority of our clients seeking to reconnect with old friends are age over 70. An age we personally relate with.

We show below a video clip which instantly floats you back to the 1960s. Evoking memories of times long gone! Delivered by The Love Affair’ and the unique voice of Steve Ellis.

“Bringing on Back The Good Times” Further Attribution to Co-writers: Phillip Goodhand-tait / John Cokell, “Pathé News”.

Dedicated to all those who mourn a past love or lost friend.

If you want it enough let’s reach out. To enable you to touch once more the hand of that special lost friend. Life’s too short for dented egos and holding grudges. Let’s go find them right now, -right away! One day it WILL be too late!

What are my chances to find a lost friend?

Believe it or not quite high! Although don’t take our word for it. We have case-studies to support it. More on this further down the page.

One case in particular springs to mind. It was so bizarre we questioned whether or not we should take it on.

Started in the UK-to India-to Australia and other locations en-route.

We did advise the client from day one, there was a 95% chance of failure. John would often be working on this case sometimes up until 4 am. Commercial madness or what?

Problem # 0ne! None of the parties had actually seen each other since 1955! Which is where as children they were all living in Calcutta.

Our client now in his 80s was born and lives in the UK. But spent much of his childhood in India.

His initial commission instruction sent us on a search taking in-India-UK-Perth – Western Australia.

Nerve jangling for our client’s nerves!

This was a case so challenging even the client himself implored us to give-up. Here is the story Luckily, John ignored his instructions.

When you are done there is more!

Here is another case which we are currently involved in. A teenage romance: click here featuring the delightful Maria from Sweden and our client John from the UK. Two young loves back in 1962. Last seen each other on a beach in Eastbourne, cca.1962.

‘By hook or by crook’ we are going to find Maria.

Here is “our Maria” as we describe her! We have become quite attached to her!

Maria from Gothenburg. To think now – a 76-year-old Grandma.

Turning to our everyday cases. You may be interested in, is the first questions we usually ask new enquirers is:- Why was contact lost with your old friends in the first place? What happened? This provides us with a good building platform.

A Lost love | Why did I do that?

In the case of broken teenage romances, often adolescent naivety rank quite highly. Wisdom comes with age, naivety is the domain of youth. Many acknowledge the ‘break up’ was down to their own immaturity and stupidity.

Find an old friend

People Finding | tracing lost friends since the 1960s.

John was asked some of his thoughts and memories of the 1960s?

To cover it all in any detail he would need to write a book. However a quick snapshot overview-

If only there existed a parallel universe, somewhere we could go and repeat it all over again. That’s how much I enjoyed it. It was so good I wouldn’t swap those incredible times even in exchange for regaining my youth.

Now approaching my autumn years

Although now approaching the “tail end” years I don’t envy the young. On the contrary, I can say categorically I do not like ‘today’ very much at all.

Now in my mid-70s, I am proud to have been part of those unforgettable 1960s. Oh, to go back!

To just think of the dazzling array of emerging new styles and fashions The way – out clothing, pop groups and the different music they played.

Young people with “freaky long hair” as mum and dad saw it.

The Hippies, Carnaby Street, The Roundhouse, unveiling of the E-Type Jaguar at the Geneva motor show, Road testing the “AC Cobra” on the MI at speeds up to 200 mph. Twiggy, Mary Quant, Landing on the moon, winning the world cup, Ford Corsair, Vauxhall Victor, Cresta, Mini, Ford Cortina. Hi-Fi sound.

Learning that the Russians were not as backwards as we were told. Indeed, quite the contrary, being the first to put a man into space.!

Invaluable learning curves based on old fashioned values. The excitement during our last year at school earning money doing bread, milk, and paper rounds. All subsequently banned by social services, something about child slavery-nonsense! People being so much kinder than today’s bunch of…

Searching For A Lost Friend | Time is running out.

Find Friends from the past. If that what you really want to do we can help. Wouldn’t you just love to see them again? Conversely, wouldn’t they just love to see you too? Let’s go, as time is really running out!

So, you traced that lost friend | Then What?

Often after the initial euphoria, hugs, embraces, and excitement subsides – where to take it from there?

A good start (although we not trying to tell you how to go about it) would be recollecting some daft and crazy pranks you both got up-to.

Questions: ‘Married, kids, divorced, single, poor, affluent, widow/widower. Good health, bad health, contented? After that, you then enter uncharted territory. But its hoped this time around the friendship will endure.

How long do you the average searches takes?

Think of a number and double it! Suffice to say-luckily we have John semi-retired who heads up the team!

GDPR. All traces are fully compliant.

people finder uk

People Tracing Services is what we do. May we say, we are quite good at it!

Germany. Announcing Exciting New Cooperation Partnership. Distinguished and renowned ‘Lars Kuhne’ Detective agency Licensed in Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein.


Tel- 07561 698 453

Email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com

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