We find lost friends!

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Welcome to our find a Lost Friend website. What better way to begin than by featuring: Violet, Dena, and Shirley.

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We find lost friends!

We find lost friends!

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Welcome to our find a Lost Friend website.

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Remember A Lost Love?

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Find someone UK. How to find people!

Find an old school mate

People Finder UK can bring your old friend back again into your life.

People Finder UK

Where are you, my old friend

Find a lost friend UK. Reuniting former friends, childhood sweethearts, lost loves, and old schoolmates, what became of them all?

What could be nicer than reuniting once again with such special old friends across the UK? Someone perhaps not seen in 40 years or more.

First question is; why was contact lost with your old friends in the first place?

A Lost love | Why did I do that?

When it was either an ex-former girl/boyfriend, adolescent naivety often rank quite highly. Wisdom comes with age, naivety is the domain of youth. Many acknowledge the break up was entirely of their own making.

Find an old friend

People Finding | tracing lost friends since the 1960s.

What happened-how come we parted? A blazing row? Actually, it was something innocuous, such as a change in the postal address which broke the connection. A simple scrap of paper got lost etc. 50 years ago that would have been a disaster. Whereas today all this stuff is stored digitally.

Find Lost Friends | time is running out.

Lost friends or a former lover/childhood sweetheart wouldn’t you love to see them again? Conversely wouldn’t they love to see you? Only one way to find out!

You have traced your lost friend | Then What?

Often after the initial euphoria, hugs, embraces, and excitement subsides – where to take it from there?
A good start would be recollections of some of the daft and crazy pranks you both got up-to. Questions: ‘Married, kids, divorced, single, poor, affluent, widow/widower. Good health, bad health, contented? After that, you then enter unchartered territory.

Find People | The Approach

We use a precise steps philosophy. Each completed part is neatly parcelled and boxed-off ready to be retrieved late. No rush you can expect it to take more like weeks, than days. Unless we strike lucky.

Internet and social media.

FACEBOOK! 2 x keyboard clicks and job-done! No, afraid not!

Old Friend Finder Services | How Far Back Do We Go? 

Actually our searches begin backwards. When helping to find a lost friend we begin at the beginning working our way forward.

Before you go, we dedicate this page to the memory of Jackie Trent. Who’s haunting lyrics”Where Are You Now My Love” is a throwback to 1965. For lost loves everywhere. Play it here on YouTube

GDPR. All traces are fully compliant.

Finally We do not claim to be miracle workers, don’t boast any high success rates %, Pointless after all how could we prove it? But for sure we always do our very best.

people finder uk

People Tracing Services is what we do. May we say, we are quite good at it!

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Contact us via phone:- 07561 698 453 or email: friendsreconnecteduk@gmail.com

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