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Find a lost friend | Is that your mission?

Our aim is precisely that! We set about the pleasurable but arduous task of reuniting old friend’s. Perhaps a childhood sweetheart, a lost love, find old friends from schools days. Or how about reconnecting with an old school teacher? Question?: What became of them all? Let’s go find them!

Announcing a recent successful people find trace!

Of course ‘nothing new’ about that-you may say. After all, that’s what you do. However, in this case, the circumstances were poignant, sad, and stayed with us.

The story involved two very good friends separated for more than 47 years. Although we did achieve a successful trace, the result was sadly marred by -a bittersweet ending. Click here to read: the article

What about you? Sometimes regress into your past?

To search for old friends often becomes a higher priority as we grow older and more isolated. The young do not share our interest nor indeed find most things we say, even remotely amusing.

Many aged over 70 explain: “Unlike 30 years ago, apart from the family we have nobody”. Today rarely encountering any of their old friends any more. Of course, we appreciate that in 30 years many have since passed away.

This author recalls 30 years ago often accompanying his dad into town, finding themselves bombarded by dads old mates eager for a gossip, and a natter.

Usually, they were dads, former schoolmates, from the 1920s, and workmates from his days at Vauxhall Motors during WW2. Dad worked as a “Welder” helping to make Churchill Tanks instead of motor cars.

Many old friends are lost due to complacency.

Lost mates, ex-girlfriends! Perhaps you sometimes berate yourself due to your previous ambivalence and “Mañana” attitude? Although we cant restore friendships, say sorry for you, we can help find them.

A thought to remember: “One day we are all going to have to walk this earth without your best friend by your side.”

Long Lost friends | Why did I do that?

Before embarking on your find an old pal adventure ask: “Why did you lose your special friend from the past in the first place?” For sure elements of youthful insensitivity and naivety all played a part-but why?

What on earth were you thinking? Let’s hope we can find that person! Moreover, the older you are the harder it becomes to find new friends. Although we say the “old ones” are usually the best! Lest make it right!

Australia | New Zealand Calling!

find a lost friend
Tilbury Docks 1957. SS_Orontes-1 Preparing To Depart For OZ & NZ

A new section for us. See link below. Back in the ’50s and 60s, OZ and NZ took quite a lot of our old friends away to a new life! We have a special section click here– to assist reconnecting you with them, and them with you. Dedicated to finding a lost friend not seen in decades.

Today many of our now elderly ex-pats in Australia, and New Zealand, seek our help in finding an old friend. That special one they left behind back in the UK and/or Ireland long ago.

Nice to hear from them all. Many now in their late 70s and 80s. Living the other side of the world. Who remembers:- “Assisted Passage”- Described by locals as the “Ten Pound Poms.” Anyone remember “Two-Way family favourites” hosted by Cliff Michelmore and Jean Metcalfe. The programme for many provided the only link for emigre families. Watch this space for more information.

Memories of sweet romance remain | I have flashbacks of our times together.

Searching for that special lost friend? That lovely dear person you let go, and now miss being in your life.

Or indeed equally they may miss being part of yours! Quote: “Do you remember me- “you should” – I used to be your very best friend.”

Melancholy” | An emotion which lets us know the best is behind us.

“My absent friends from the past – Come back! Quotation: “To remember you is the easy part – it happens every day. Missing you is the tough part as the heartache is with me – every day.”

“Despite us playing major parts in each other lives-you were gone-like in a puff of smoke”!

Cherished Friends | Miss You!

We’ll meet again sang Vera Lynn. To help find a lost friend is what we do! Do you sometimes mentally press that small pause button? Seeing flashbacks to precious times, places, and fond memories. Ah, those proverbial-“rose-tinted” glasses!

Reconnecting to a long lost friend. Can in some cases become all-consuming and rarely a passing fad. Come-back-my dearest long-lost friend!

 Thought I’d got over you my darling

My long lost sweetheart. As we grow older we become more aware of the proverbial clock ticking away. Plus some of the good things I cast-aside.

Let’s be candid here: Without proactive intervention, finding your lost friend simply isn’t going to happen, on its own, naturally. Sadly even now you could be too late and the ‘grim reaper’ has snatched them.

Ok | So, We find Your Lost friend | What next?

What do you say? Like for example “where you been?”- LOL. From the feedback, we receive: After the initial euphoria and novelty of meeting up again, the obvious questions is – where to go from there?

After the hugs embraces and exchanges of pleasantries -questions:-

‘Married, kids, divorced, single, poor, affluent, widow/widower. Good health, ill health, contented? Do they still remember and think of you sometimes?’ This time around fully grasp the opportunity!

Lost Friends-Shared memories.

One of the most exciting aspects of reuniting with lost friends is recounting events and places you both shared – back- in- the- day. Especially some of those daft and crazy pranks you both got up-to. Events, that were unique and special just between the two of you.

Tell it to someone else, and it means – nothing. That’s the beauty of old friends you can always make each other laugh.

Remember 40 years when you smashed a cricket ball through the Vicars greenhouse window? In those more respectful and responsible times, this was perceived big-time trouble. Leaving you the culprit terrified to own up to mum or dad. Even the frightening prospect of a pending visit from the “local bobby”.

Not sure to go ahead with meeting up again. Your appearance has changed a lot.

” Today I am unrecognisable from how I looked 40 years ago. “Well haven’t we all”! Should I perhaps ‘not’ be doing this?”

Personal Self-consciousness and unease can begin to weigh heavily.

Pride and egos come into it. Weight gain, hair loss, eye bags, facial wrinkles, and scraggy necks etc.

Looking at old photographs taken 40 years ago!

We look in the mirror and feel a sense of panic. Asking what will my old friend think, when seeing how much I have changed?

Then a sense of panic. Questioning the wisdom of trying to dig up the past!

Appearance-wise has ‘mother nature’ been unkind to us? No more than the next person!

Does it or should it matter? In our opinion -NO!

Plus for sure your old friend would have changed too! Maybe they would feel just as insecure. Are you self-confident enough to take this leap? Of course, there is always the cosmetic surgery route…lol

Ironically reconnecting with an old pal of the same gender appearances don’t seem to matter.

To add to the conundrum most “lost friends”

Especially of the female genre) can be quite challenging. What with changed surnames through divorces, remarriages, and in some cases reverting to their maiden name. Sometimes takes some considerable time to unravel it all.

Find People  |  The Approach

Fancy becoming a people searcher/tracer-yourself? Be our guest! It does however require a lucid and clear head. Coupled with applying logic and common sense.

What about social media and web searches?

Can be useful at times. But often lulls one to assume’ people searching’ is a simple 5-minute job. 2 x keyboard clicks – job-done! Hmmm. if only!

Many individual perceive Facebook is the magic panacea to finding anyone. This makes it very difficult when we have to break the bad news. It’s actually going to take at least 20 hours plus and cost a bit more than 25 quid!

People Finding | Feedback from clients.

A small selection:-“Thanks for enabling me to finally make peace with my long lost sweetheart. Jim, from Newton Abbott.

“Although more than 40 years have passed the guilt and shame of my bad behaviour never left me”. Derek, Scarborough.

“A big thank you to friends reconnected. “You managed in a matter of two days to solve a mystery which I was unable to unravel in 40 years…well done!” Cheryl, Nottingham.

Old Friend Finder Services | How Far Back Do We Go? 

.Regularly digging as far back as- the ’50s, ’60s. Unlike many other people trace searchers, ours start the other way around.

To explain:- Instead of tracing backwards from today, ours start 50 years ago working our way forwards to today.

A brief outline of some elements of phase one work we do.

Historical archive searches. Visits to Local and the British Library. Purchasing births, marriage, divorce data. remarriages, ships passenger lists, death certificates.

Growing up in the 1950s

Memories of gathering around a jukebox at the local coffee bar. Very-Cool in those days!

Find a lost friends
Those were the days!

During the 1950s and 1960s, certain things were more relaxed.

Certainly no social services breathing down everyone’s neck.

From age 12 onwards it was quite “the norm” to take a part-time job. An early-morning newspaper round, helping the grocery store on weekend deliveries. Assisting the “Tonibell” Ice cream man. WOW, pockets full of money!

I recall schoolmates at age 15 leaving school to work on cruise liners. Returning months later all grown-up, and brimming with confidence. Bundles of money accumulated in their post office savings account. Recounting lurid stories-if to be believed.

Why professional people tracer?

let’s face it, would you fancy single-handedly doing all that is described above? However, we do accept it could be claimed we are biased. Give it a go.

Reconnecting old friends

It may surprise you to know much of our efforts are spent on old-fashioned “Mr Plod” style foot-soldier investigations.

How long will my people search project take?

Hmmm, how long is a piece of string? Anything from one day to 6 months. On average working solidly- it’s three days. Take a look at some actual cases Click here Thus gaining an insight into people finder searches.

GDPR. All traces are fully compliant.

Creative thinking is something we excel at and Good luck! We are here if you need us.

people finder uk


People Tracing Services is what we do. May we say-we are quite good at it!

Germany. Announcing Exciting New Cooperation Partnership. Distinguished and renowned ‘Lars Kuhne’ Detective agency Licensed in Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein.

Contact us via phone:- 07444 750 422 or

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