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Trace a long lost friend in England

People tracing lost friends, a childhood sweetheart, long-lost love, teenage best friend, first love or perhaps even that favourite special and memorable school teacher.

Find someone you knew from long ago 

People Searching England and beyond. Our lost friend finder service assists those looking to find people they knew from way back.

People tracing is indeed our forte and inspires us each and every day. Without being melodramatic in the case of a long lost love, our role can be likened to that of mending broken hearts!

We offer an unhurried, thorough and in-depth service. Uniquely you will find we take on strictly one case at a time. Thus providing a genuine 100% and individual 1-1 dedicated service.  


Anglo-German Love Story.

anglo-geman love

1966. Spandau, “Smuts Barracks”- Berlin.

Hello John. Greetings from Berlin. In 1966 I met David, a young British soldier based at Spandau/Smuts barracks in Berlin, Germany. We became ‘an item’ and quite inseparable even talked of marriage. My proudest day was when my handsome young man escorted me to my graduation. Although today age 74 and happily married I would still dearly love to meet David once again. He was my first love and time quickly runs out. Having read all about you John, I feel confident you will find him. Yours truly, Marlies Gliese, Berlin, Germany.  We are delighted to announce we succeeded in finding Marlies old flame, David. They are in regular contact.

I Highly Recommend John & His Services

John thanks for all you did for my Mum. Love, Loraine.

John is an absolute star! Worked tirelessly (30 hours+) to help my elderly Mum find her old friend Betty. Sadly we discovered she had passed away. John with good grace unexpectedly waived the second part of his fee…
Loraine Elvin



"Thanks to Friends Reconnected and the unwavering perseverance of John, managed to trace one of my bridesmaids who due to us as a family moving from country to country for so long lost touch. This June we are celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary and I am delighted to say she will be joining us. I am so pleased. Worth every penny.Thank you John."

Mrs. Venetia Majendie

"John. You were amazing being able to find my lost love, Jane, now age 82 after 65 years. Especially considering I gave you what turned out to be an incorrect Christian name. A quite remarkable feat. Many thanks."

David. Bridgnorth, Salop.


"Hi John, Thanks for all the hard work in finding Elaine. Although you discovered sadly she died age 79 two years earlier. Your kindness and brilliant humour/banter made it a pleasure to work with you."

RDB Rotherham

"I’m glad I turned to John at Friends Reconnected to help find my ex-husband. Not seen since we split up 60 years ago. Thanks to you we are amazingly in touch again-Fantastic."

Janet. Geneva, Switzerland


"John. You did an incredible job finding Jane after 65 years, especially being given the name which she was called wasn’t her real Christian name. Many thanks."

David. Dorking, Surrey

Trying to find if an ex lady friend is still alive (she must be in her mid-90s by)
"I am in my late 80s. We had a loving relationship in the early 1970s but it suddenly ended. She was born in Italy. Footnote: Sadly we discovered she died in 2010. Friends reconnected made no charge."

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How many times do we hear:

I walk a very lonely path in my old age bereft of all those precious friends I once knew. Now alone and isolated. I would dearly love to return to my happier early days.

First love never dies is a very apt and poignant expression. It so happens to be a song title too. You can listen by clicking here- Walker Brothers 1965. It’s a fact your very first love does remain etched into your soul forever. Even though the flames can be extinguished, the fire remains.

Take for example Janice she was my very first love at the tender age of 17. For sure that first love has never died. 55 years on, and it’s still embedded within me and always will be.

Yes, we have an uncanny effect of being able to deliver that special lost friend or first love back into your life. 

Alternatively, for those wishing to go down the D.I.Y. route we have created a special guidance page: How to find someone’s address UK 

How long does a typical find an old friend search take?

Phew, that’s some question but on average, 30-40 hours or between 3-4 weeks. No, we are not kidding. Actually, one particular people trace in Sweden is now into its 6th month. Do we fail?.. sometimes-yes!

Australia and United States are countries where we have enjoyed a particularly high level of success. No doubt partly down to the shared spoken language. 

To view our dedicated United States and Australia pages click these respective links: Australia and United States

Our United States page focuses on different groups and eras. We are often asked by elderly English ladies for help in finding a lost American love they knew in England some 60 years ago. Specifically, ex-U.S. military service personnel based in England during the 1950 and 60’s”cold-war” era. Alconbury, Lakenheath, Chicksands, and Upper Heyford to name but a few. 

Conversely, many ex-American servicemen once based in England during that era, seek our help to reconnect them with a long-lost English sweetheart. The one they later bitterly regretted leaving behind. 

Please see at foot of this page the most heartwarming friends reconnection-ever! It features Charlie Brown of the USAAF, and his German opponent Franz Stigler. The story is set in Germany 1944. How Charlie manage to bring that B.17 back home to England was a true MIRACLE!! To think it was Charlie’s first operational mission. 

The Australian connection is one way only. They are British ex-pats living in Australia or New Zealand wishing to reconnect with a childhood friend from England.


Then we have the 1960’s hippie era.

This coincided with an invasion of young Americans all eager to immerse themselves into ‘everything England’ during that wild era. It was considered very much the place-to-be at that time.

Our enquirers hope to rekindle a lost friendship or a romance forged during that era. Ah…. .that wild and vibrant hippy era. Peace-Man!

A bit about us

Friends Reconnected is unashamedly proud to announce they are uniquely owned and operated by two senior citizens. Often described as the two veterans extraordinaire. 

We have John age 76 a polite and unbelievably kind and honest gentleman. Working together with his lovely wife Libby age 72. Both are still full of unabated energy and zest for life. Still eager to continue their chosen calling. There’s more on John here: and here.

You will be dealing with people who are open, gracious, dignified, scrupulously honest and a bit whacky at times. They often say things such as- “Dementia”- no sorry I haven’t time for that I am too busy. Priceless or what? Most reassuringly they don’t do “B.S”.  

John usually maintains contact with most of our clients 

Often years later and he is still in contact. We often find him following up. For example, recently an ex-client had cancer treatment. He wanted to know how he was!

If you are curious click here to read an account of one of John’s most amazing people search cases. 

John and his wife

In contrast and maybe quite bizarrely they have also been involved for more than 19 years in the world of-Cosmetic Surgery. Now no longer trading. See the link here to the website. Sorry, the link is temporarily down.

In addition and in tandem John ran another equally fascinating operation. This time helping WW2 veterans return to their theatres of battle. To see the website click here. Sadly, today, there are no more veterans alive for him to support. 

Here is one for you | Tracing mother’s old friend

Our people finder services were instructed to assist in reuniting Shirley, with Dena. They were two ex-wrens

To read the story on Dena click here. There’s a great amateur-shot video below

People Searching is what we do

Help to find a person you fondly remember often tinged with an element of regret/remorse or disappointment. Perhaps a loyal first girl or boyfriend (who maybe let you down once or twice, or vice versa!)

Or an old friend from school days. School friends really are so memorable and forever. They stood by you through thick and thin. Defending you against the school bully for example. An act you will never forget.

Equally, friends from the Cubs, Brownies, Girl Guides, Boy, Scouts. Maybe a teenage-era youth club or just a social friend are deemed equally important. Remembering incidents and mischievous pranks. For example, the time when you drove a cricket ball through the vicar’s greenhouse window and then ran like hell.

Why for some people is it so important to find a lost friend?

We know that those semi-dormant thoughts just linger on.  engulfing you with enduring tinges of profound sadness that they are lost forever. 

Or In the case of early teenage love, knowing they are probably lost forever can be perpetual and heavy anguish.

Of course, most people don’t dwell on it, instead they just simply shrug it off. Or, wait for the urge to subside. Liken it to something which ebbs and flows.

Advancing years can often leave one feeling isolated feeling very much alone and panicky. This can sometimes reawaken wild reckless thoughts from a misspent youth.

When reaching 85 years of age who can blame them. How often do we hear: I want help in finding my lost darling?” 

Talking of the 1960s-how many of you remember Radio Caroline?

Yes, it’s back!! Click here to listen: Radio Caroline-Aka Mi Amigo. The DJ might well have been- Simon Dee or Tony Blackburn. Remember Que Serra by, Doris Day? Yes, we do too! 

Who are our clients? 

Although not exclusively many are senior citizens indulging in retracing their steps. Sadly some not enjoying the best of health. That wicked ticking time clock is what inspires and drives both us, and them.

We can imagine them closing their eyes and imagining a wild evening back in 1966 at the “Hammersmith Palais” dancing with their first real sweetheart. To this day we hear:-  they can still catch the fragrance of the perfume she wore. 

Today to be able to experience the sheer joy of once again clasping the little hand of their lost sweetheart in theirs, is magical and priceless. Gazing into their eyes and saying, “I am here, and sorry!”. Oh, and by the way-what took you so long!

So how and why did you lose contact with your special friend?

Sometimes acrimoniously-youthful petulance and all that! Or scribbling her/his address down on a scrap of paper and then rather carelessly losing it. 50 years ago this error could conspire in you losing that person forever.

Or the cardinal sin of betraying your best friend!

Betrayal… the dastardly deed of taking up with your best friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend. Or maybe your best friend did it to you. 

Why is it so important now to reconnect with your lost old friend?

The overwhelming awareness that time is running out. To reach out and reconnect with them again.

Realising you might share a common bond of social isolation. Feeling sidelined by an often perceived cold younger generation. To show them they are still in your eyes their princess or prince.

We can relate to that from our own experience. As older adults, we are often perceived as the invisible generation. 

Who should you use to help find a lost friend?

Searching for that lost special friend, or first love should begin in your own capable hands! Click here for our DIY guide.

Or, you can ask us or someone else to find a long-lost friend from school, a teenage friend, a relative, or a lost first love from your earlier life.

We do not hold a monopoly on people finding and many others out there are very good indeed. We at Friendsreconnected are not too bad at it either. Here you can read what some of our clients had to say. Look at our testimonials section or click to see some of our heartening thank you letters

Here is a picture that shows something John put together as a birthday gift for his wife (old school pals) at a delightful venue in Prague in the Czech Republic.

John (front row 2nd left) and his wife “liba” (Libby) who originates from Prague (second row, pink top). 

Which age group do most people search for?

Mainly kids who grew up in the 1940s, 1950s, and1960s. Many come from the so-called “Baby Boomer-era but it’s not limited to this timeframe. We do, however, deliver mainly lost friends from people’s teenage years that far back. 

Indeed, we are proud and honoured to serve those who were the children of our greatest generation!  It’s a big regret that today we are too late to help most of their parents too! 

We also have many enquiries from those over the age of 80

Yes, we must not leave this group out. These people are predominantly UK ex-pats. Many of them are seeking either a long-lost classroom chum or a childhood first crush. Maybe a first love from as far back as the early 1950s. The good news is they are usually quite traceable despite name changes, divorces, changes in lifestyle and jobs, and even the continents where they live. 

Another question! What about tracing a past love and linking this person to the profound influential link of music?

Here’s a thought! What often first triggers those semi-dormant memories? We Reckon The answer is often music.

Perhaps a certain memorable song will ring a memory in your brain. And, voila, you will be instantly transported back in time to your first serious romantic friend.

Who remembers: Catch A Falling Star and Put It In Your Pocket? The unforgettable Perry Como. This author can sing along to it like it was only yesterday.

Who was your special soulmate all those years ago?

What was his or her name? Where was it? Clacton Pier 1959? Was her name Sandra by any chance? Were you listening to Russ Conway?

Or maybe you were listening to Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson in the Eurovision Song Contest? What about Winifred Atwell? Or lastly for now: Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly!!

When reminiscing the brain goes into overdrive

Thoughts of a long-lost sweetheart can vividly remind you of some silly joke you both cracked back-in-the day. 

Another memory jogger for me is when I see kids playing on a toboggan.

Instantly I am back there again with my best buddy-Terence!

Find a lost friend

Making our way home after dark and causing anxiety for our parents. Terence (Tel) where are you, today, mate? To think today he is probably a grandad!

That first love

Memories of a first girlfriend and her lovely parents’ hospitality. Sitting together in their front room sipping tea from a bone-china cup. I, a pimply-faced skinny youth, am being weighed up as suitability material for a future husband. 

Finding a lost friend/people search journey. What are the chances?

 Pretty good actually! But there again we would say that- wouldn’t we?

An interesting case spanning three continents. India-UK-Australia.


Our client had not seen his childhood friend since 1955 aged 11. In those days they were part of a church choir in Calcutta. Click here for the story Yes we found her!

Here we show a case that is still currently unresolved.

Sweden story

Sweden this time, with Maria from Gothenburg. You can read the story told by John here. They hadn’t seen each other since 1961 on a beach in Eastbourne. She reminded us of Abba. We have recently actively revived this case and have mobilised new contacts in Sweden.

People Finding and tracing lost friends is our niche!

If only there existed a parallel universe it would be epitomised by the beautiful song Going Back by Dusty Springfield

The 1960s and other memories

The Hippies, Kings Road, The Roundhouse in Camden. The moon landing and when we won the World Cup in 1966.

Searching For A Lost Friend | Time is running out

Sadly today for us oldies (including me) reconnecting with an old pal or first love, is becoming a race against the clock.

Wouldn’t you just love to see this special someone again?

Equally, there is a high chance that your old friend would just love to see you again too.? But there is only one way to find out – and that is to ask them!

Drawbacks when searching for a lost sweetheart

What puts old friends off from reconnecting? Often we reckon it’s got to do with vanity and self-consciousness in the way their appearance has undoubtedly changed. 

Look at the pictures below. What you see is the same lady 50 years ago and now today. Both people look lovely in different ways.

find a lost friend

When meeting up with an old flame the temptation to turn back- the- clock (cheating). Do we agree with it-yep! 

Find a Lost Friend and risk of failure

We have found that surprisingly, long-lost old flames are mostly prepared to risk damaging the lingering image of their youthful appearance in order to reconnect. It works on both sides too!

Please note: GDPR is under review because we are no longer part of the EU. But all traces are fully compliant.

People Tracing Services is what we do

We have to say in all modesty we are quite good at it! But there again we would say that right!

Even if you’ve previously tried to find an old friend with no luck we might be able to help. 

In any event, we would like to wish you good luck with your search. If you would like to consider using our service at any time give us a buzz. We would love to help you.

Enemies Reconnected.

This final story shown below will never be surpassed….ever! We only wish we could have played a part in it. 

Germany, 1943.Features Franz Stigler a Luftwaffe ace piloting a Messerschmitt 109 and his adversary Charlie Brown USAAF. Charlie was vainly attempting to fly his crippled B.17G back to England. Click anywhere on the image below to play the video.

Old war planes - video thubnail

Being unashamedly selfish we are very envious that we were unable to play a part in this reunion.  Although It certainly epitomises in some ways what were are about. 

Imagine the scenario in December 1943, over the skies of Germany. Franz flying his Messerschmitt 109 was closing in on what would have been the easiest target he ever encountered.  A crippled Boeing B17g (Flying Fortress) totally battered and quite helpless. Then the miracle occurred. Acknowledgement and thanks to Valor Art studio for putting this brilliant video together. 

Lastly, whilst this is a somewhat morbid topic we feel that this link could be useful However, we have no idea how accurate or updated it is.


Announcing Exciting New Cooperation Partnership in Germany. Distinguished and renowned Lars Kuhne’ Detective agency. Licensed in Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein.



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