We find lost friends!

We find lost friends!

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We find lost friends!

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People Finder UK can bring your old friend back into your life once again.

People Finder UK

Where are you my old friend

Trace a long-lost friend UK.    

Find a lost friend, childhood sweetheart, people search for a long-lost love, teenage best friend, first love or old school friend. People finder assignments are indeed our niche market.

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Tracing mother’s old friend

A challenging people trace assignment | reuniting Shirley with Dena. Not seen each other in more than 40 years. See below a short amateur video of Shirley on her way to the pub to meet Dena.

Poor Dena knew nothing of the conspiracy. It left her struggling a bit as to what was going on.

To read the story on Dena click here  


People Searching is what we do.

Find a person or people tracing someone you fondly remember from the past. That special, irreplaceable dear and loyal friend. Maybe from school-days, Cubs, brownies, Girl guides, boy Scouts, teenage era or a social friend. Or that unforgettable and special sweetheart-the one that got away!

How important is finding a lost friend?

Well, It must be otherwise logically you wouldn’t be here! As we grow older absence can make the heart grow fonder. Probably in all those intervening years thoughts were forever simmering and remained semi-dormant. No doubt you assumed one day fate will magically intervene and reconnect you both. Indeed it might well do, but our role is to give fate a helping-hand. Or if you never gave any of this a single thought; welcome to the world of nostalgia. 

Who are our clients? Actually its mainly the age 60 plus generation!

In fact many are in their 80s. Once the genie is out of the bottle tracing a lost sweetheart ex-girlfriend/boyfriend can become all-consuming. Often questioning over and over exactly why and how you parted. With the benefit of a 40-60 year break a mature new found  pragmatism is acquired.  One thing for sure there is no time to waste. The sands of time are lurking and waiting to dash your hopes. When navigating this considerable challenge we can be alongside you.

In your case why and how did you lose contact ? We bet you probably can remember!

Actually loss of contact with an old friend was often quite unintentional. For example; jotting their new address down on a scrap of paper, and then carelessly losing it.

On the other side of the coin- the cardinal sin being:

Betrayal… Taking up with your best friends girl/boyfriend-or vice versa!

Actually it happened more often than you might think. A so-called best friend does the most dastardly thing by taking up with your fiancée. Leaving you understandadbly feeling betrayed and abandoned.

In reverse (to my shame) I can remember once doing exactly the same thing myself.

50 years on I can try to ask and excuse myself- why? 

Often we found ourselves totally engulfed with that person. Oblivious of any decency, etiquette, or honour code along the way. All consumed by a blind headiness often associated with youth. You were not comfortable with it but went ahead. But what goes around-comes around! 

Who should you use to help find a lost friend?

We suggest YOU opt to using nobody else but yourself. Who is better equipped and knows more about what happened than “yours”- truly!. That long-lost special friend search is in your capable hands! Here is a fairly comprehensive guide which we prepared for you click here

Or you might decide to use a professional people tracer? The dilemma is they all look very good.

To find a lost friend when seeking support, we strongly urge you don’t just jump-in headlong. Consider all the pros and cons first. Beware of no find no fee deals! Sound OK right? But it just doesn’t stack up.

Friend finder researchers are paid a minimum £9.00 per hour=£80.00 per day.

How long could they run with it? The expression “low-hanging fruit” springs to mind! Most of our searches take more than 30 hours to conclude. Work that one out if they are working a no fee no charge basis! Take our word for it, if is not straight forward its likely to be ditched!

Can we help at friends reconnected finding your old mate from school, teenage friend, or lost sweetheart? Well, its not for us to answer that!

We suggest  take a look at what neutrals have to say. Click here: testimonials section. Or click here: thank you letters

A warm welcome to Sarah.

A former client named Sarah has become a firm friend of our founder John. She is now our honorary and very accomplished features blog/article writer. Here is her first article.

A gathering of old school friends set to this delightful venue in Prague, Czech Republic.

School friends in Prague

Our person tracing skills on this occasion took us to the Czech Republic. John (front row 2nd left) put this group together as a birthday gift for his wife “liba” (second row, pink top) who originates from Prague. Facebook came in very handy on this occasion.

Which age group do most people search?

For sure lost fiends finding from teenage years date back to the 1960s. That so-called “Baby Boomer-era. Kids of yesteryear now today’s 70-year-old + grandparents. A somewhat rebellious bunch from a wild era. Today this group have little to look forward to. Many of the younger generation today lead frenetic madcap selfish lives. Franlky our older generation  are sometines preceived as worthless, decrepit ,and a focus of derision. Nobody want to know them unless its giving away some of their hard earned money. 

On top of that they undured isolation and the pain of losing their spouse. Witth kids living miles away or abroad. All they have left is enduring memories of a Joan, Pauline, Jean, Margaret, or a Susan, amongst others. How they would love to just say hello again. Well that what we do!!

Were you yourself a teenager of the 1960s

We have a YouTube video clip for you. Poignantly reflecting more genteel times. Featuring ‘Love Affair’ together with the unique voice of Steve Ellis.


“Bringing on Back The Good Times” Further Attribution to Co-writers: Phillip Goodhand-Tait / John Cokell, “Pathé News” YouTube.

The Over age 80s enquiries

We see many UK ex-pats here from that age group. Seeking a long-lost classroom chums, childhood sweethearts, first love, ex work-or military buddy. Moereover, providing they are still alive we have quite a good people search success rate.

Tracing a past love & the profound influential link of music.

A thought! What is it that unexpectedly triggers those semi dormant memories of a lost love, or lost friend?

We Reckon The answer is:”Music”.

You hear a certain memorable song and “voile” the brain regresses. Transcending into nostalgia, tinged with melancholy and elements of sadness.

Who was “your” special soul-mate all those years ago?

What was her/his name? Where was it Clacton Pier 1959? Was her name Sandra by any chance? Listening to Russ Conway? Or maybe ‘Pearl Carr’ and ‘Teddy Johnson’ in the Eurovision Song Contest? What about Winifred Atwell? Or lastly, for now: Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly!!

When reminiscing the brain goes into overdrive.

When thinking of a long lost sweetheart, remember some silly joke you cracked to her/him 50 years ago. Incredibly today -instantly it’s right there again.

You both laughed then. Would you both laugh again today?

It would be worth finding your old friend just to find that out. If they do, it means they retained a special place in their heart for you too.

Another “memory jogger” is when I see kids playing on a toboggan.

Instantly I am back there again with my best buddy-Terence!

Find a lost friend

Making our way home after dark and causing anxiety amongst our parents. Terence, where are you today-mate?

That first love.

Nice memories of my first girlfriend and her lovely parents’ hospitality. Sitting in their front room sipping tea out of a bone China cup. I wonder what they must have thought of me! A weedy and pimply faced youth.

Finding a lost friend/people search journey. What are the chances?

In a nutshell we know in most cases-pretty good! But then again we would say that-wouldnt we! However, we cannot of course prove it either way. That’s why we do not quote any percentage of success rates. Take a look over the website and go with us or otherwise-its your call.

An interesting case spanning three continents. India-UK-Australia.


Our client had not seen his friend since childhood when attending church together back in Calcutta cca.1955. Click here for the story Yes we found her!

Here we show a case currently unresolved.

Sweden story

Sweden this time! Maria from Gothenburg: Read John’s story: click here Not seen each other since 1961 on a beach in Eastbourne. She reminded us of Abba. We are still working on it.

A Lost Love | Why did I do that?

In hindsight bizarre and irrational behaviour on your part. Ask yourself (we bet you can remember)-why did you and your sweetheart split? Usually a combination of early adolescence, petulance, dogma and naivety.

People Finding | tracing lost friends is our niche!

If only there existed a parallel universe? Epitomised by this beautiful song “going back” click here: Dusty Springfield. Think of all those people you let go. Shall we go find them again?

The 1960s and other memories: This quite unforgettable car!

find a lost friend
The incomparable E -Type Jaguar. Iconic 1960s Sports Car. Later V 12 version.

The Hippies, Kings Road, The Roundhouse In Camden, unveiling of the incredible E-Type Jaguar at the 1959 Geneva motor show. The Moon landing and winning the world cup in 1966.

Searching For A Lost Friend | Time is running out.

Sadly today, us oldies (as is this author himself) wishing to reconnect with an old pal or first love, it is proving something of a race against time.

Wouldn’t you just love to see them again?

Equally, there is a high chance your Old Friend would just love to see you too? Although if you mentally badly scarred them-maybe not. There is only one way to found out-ask them!

Drawbacks when searching for a lost sweetheart

What dissuades old friends from reconnecting? Vanity, and self-consciousness in how their appearance might have changed adversely. Realistically they have changed too,

Below is the same lady shown now and 50 years on. Both look lovely in different ways.

find a lost friend

Remembering an ex sweetheart/boyfriend.

From our experience most people are prepared to risk damaging the memory image in order to reconnect again. Would it bother me, NO! Luckily It doesn’t seem to bother most others either-or, so they say.

Although we are not promoting or suggesting such an option you could simply cheat on the outside, and turn the clock back. See below results of quite a good facelift surgery. Click here

find a lost friend
Face Neck and Eyebags Surgery

Once you have reconnected Where to take it from there?

It can be a tricky one, individual and no two people are the same. But from feedback, a good start might be, exchanging memories of some daft and crazy pranks you both got up-to. Remembering favourite songs back in the day.


‘Married, kids, divorced, single, poor, affluent, widow/widower. Good health, bad health, contented? But it’s hoped this time around the friendship will endure. Take it slow and not too pushy.

Link to those who saw military service.

Were you in the military WW2? Here is a link to an excellent website. We know there will not be many (if any) of you out there.

Our only regret is our service has come too late for most of our WW2 heroes! But for the few still with us we would love to hear from you.

GDPR. (Under review) now out of EU. All traces are fully compliant.

We would like to wish you good luck in your search. If you would like to consider using our service or simply advice give us a buzz.

People Tracing Services is what we do. May we say we are quite good at it!




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