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Find a Lost Friend
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People tracing a Childhood Sweetheart a first Love & more!

Finding a Lost Friend in England

We find lost friends UK

Find an old friend in England

Lost old friends tracing in England. Find a person in the UK and beyond. Perhaps that special long-lost friend, childhood sweetheart, first love, lost love, teenage or School best friend, or former favourite school teacher. This is what we do!! The more challenging the case, the more we revel in the task of unravelling it

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Some fascinating real-story insights

1980s.Harlesden North London. David and Tina.

Tina from Hemel Hempstead asked us to find David. 3 weeks later we managed to find him living in Australia. (We will not bore you with all the difficulties of how challenging the search was)-but suffice to say it was) Message from Tina: We spoke for ages, laughed, cried, and spoke truths. I will never be able to thank you enough John. You have changed our lives immensely. Wow. You’re like an Angel that dropped out of Heaven for a while. I’ve had my miracle delivered to me, incredible. There are no words to describe what you brought to both our worlds. Love, Tina. Note: The lovely Tina is coming to work with us. You can contact her here.

find a lost friend in England

John thanks for all you did for my Mum. Love, Loraine. John is an absolute star! Worked for (30 hours) to help my elderly Mum find her old friend Betty. Sadly Betty had passed away. John with good grace unexpectedly waived the second part of his fee. Loraine Elvin. Swanscombe, Kent

anglo-geman love

1966. Spandau, “Smuts Barracks”- Berlin.

Greetings from Germany. In 1966 I met David a young British soldier based at Smuts Barracks Berlin. I often wondered how life had treated him. John, having read of your exceptional reputation in people tracing I felt you would find him and sure enough you did! Now living in Kent.  Maglies Glies Berlin. They are now in contact. 

Two Childhood Sweethearts-back to 1948. John’s WW2 knowledge helped!

David asked us to find Vivienne his childhood sweetheart. First met as 5-year-olds in 1948 at the local primary school in the North East. Although puzzlingly she was born in St. Albans. Answer: Dad during WW2 was requisitioned to work at the legendary De Havilland Mosquito factory near St. Albans. Link to the story.

Yes, now at age 80-We found Davids, Vivienne.  Message from David.: Phoned Vivienne and we agreed to meet when she comes to Newcastle in 3 weeks. John, Thanks for making two people so very happy. Best, Dave. For more stories click- this link

1968. USA-UK Story of Maureen and John.

This is a personal story featuring John –our very own researcher John. In 1968, by calling from a public box, he managed to persuade the captain of a Detroit-bound Pan-Am Boeing 707, to wait on the tarmac at Heathrow just for Maureen.

Boeing 707

cca. 1967 Maureen, originally from Luton emigrated to the USA. During the summer of 1968, she made a return family visit. There she met John, and they spent 3 months going everywhere together. Unfortunately, they never saw each other again. There was a sad ending click here  

Luton School days—Australia -Andalucia. John showed a friendly but very thorough approach with questions on background history. Although after 40 years data was scarce. I had her maiden name, the name of the school we both attended in Luton. I recalled her father was an airline pilot,  John miraculously- (surname had changed to “Smlth”) found her although sadly (Widowed) and living alone in Andalucia

It’s now been a year and all going well communicating every day. I promise, like me, you will not regret putting your faith in John, and his team. David.

find a lost friend in England

(Part 1) Tom/Tomek Story: John, can you find Elaine?

By chance in 1964, we met at a caravan park dance in Point Clear Bay nr. Clacton-on-Sea. She was a Londoner holidaying with her parents – I was a visiting student from Poland. We were both 18 – We fell in love. A year later she visited me in Poland. Then in 1966, I revisited her in England. We’d lost touch over the years and recently, quite by chance I glanced at our picture together and memories came flooding in. I just had to try and find her. 57 years later – some task. John, can you find Elaine? I opted for John’s highly acclaimed Friends Reconnected services – My God what a challenge I gave him. Firstly, and unbeknown to me she always used her middle name as her first name. It meant all the searches GRO etc. threw up blanks. Despite this and other serious setbacks – he never gave up. Finally after many hours including working an entire weekend of 2 x 13-hour stints and numerous back-and-forth emails- he found her! But devastatingly he discovered Elaine passed away in 2017. A very sad outcome indeed. John genuinely seemed as upset as I was. Magnanimously he refused my offer of any additional payment! Thanks for everything John we stay in touch!

(Part 2) Tom/Tomek & Elaine 

find a lost friend in England
Hi John, Elaine didn’t let me sleep, so here goes. I think I was meant to search for her and John was meant to find her. She didn’t want to be forgotten on Earth and in this way, she will not only outlive us both. At the same time staying as young and beautiful as when we’d met. I am not spiritual or crazy, but I had one other related experience a few years ago. I was researching a history of a Polish personality, who was very popular in Poland before the war and in the UK he did have some popularity, but among the older Polish refugees. He had a beautiful American wife, who graced the Columbia Pictures logos of their films. His name and works ( he composed over 3000 songs and verses) have faded away with the younger generation. So I decided to organise a concert dedicated to him and his wife. And it also went so “easily” with everyone involved so eager to be part of the endeavour. Now they are remembered and also on the Internet with some surprising results. Very well done John – thank you on Elaine’s behalf. Note: John discovered that Elaine “never” married! Very profound!

Dear John

I see from the dates that it was three years ago that you set out to find Cecil for me which you did very satisfactorily!  Cecil and I speak of you often and with gratitude, so we thought we would let you know that we did eventually meet up and have not looked back. since. We have fallen in love all over again and couldn’t be happier! Not sure if that was the expected outcome, but it happened anyway and wouldn’t have happened without your help. Very many thanks from us both……June and Cecil. names redacted, (Note they first met during the 1950s) 

Ralph in Vancouver, Canada    

 Hi, John Here is my testimonial. Thanks to John and his team – I found the lost love of my life. After not being in touch for 18 years John managed it, after I tried and failed on numerous occasions. It was a big gamble with me being in Canada, and her living in the UK. Thanks to John being the catalyst I am now in regular touch with my twin spiritual flame. I couldn’t be more grateful-Heavenly thanks to people like John. He charges a very reasonable fee for a great service. Please believe him a truly honest man. Give him a go if you are truly missing someone in your life.

American and French Lady

Finding a person by their name in the UK.

How long does it take on average to conclude a search?

From our experience –cca.30 hours. You will find more about how the time is taken up by reading through our website. On rare occasions, it has run into many months.

Why don’t you publish your success rates as a percentage?

Quite pointless. How can we prove it? You would need access to all our files to corroborate it. Which contravenes data protection rules. The fact is we could tell you anything! Frankly, either you trust us or you don’t-we accept that. 

Something most of your competitors appears a bit coy about covering-failure rates?

Yes, for sure there have been some. We warn every potential client of this possible outcome. It would insult your intelligence to boast a 100% success rate. We don’t claim to be the best or anything like that. But in answer directly to the question we only ever had 3 failures. 

Why for some people is it so important to find a lost friend?

Regret and shame over their past poor behaviour. Albeit say 50 years ago. Advancing years can sometimes reawaken some dormant wild and reckless thoughts from a misspent youth. At say age 85 we often hear: “Please help me at all costs in finding my lost darling?” Yes, true love does endure. I would do anything to find him/her again if only to just squeeze her hand and give her a big kiss. Many of these people today are now in their 80s and often do not have one single friend or relative still alive. I just want to look them in the eye once more and say: that despite everything I do still love you. 

Who are our clients? 

They come from right across the board. But we do seem to attract a high number from the older generations. Especially the so-called “baby-boomer” era. Many see it as a mission with the ticking clock seriously beginning to work against them. 

How and why did you lose contact with your special old friend?

Does this resonate: Sometimes acrimonious- youthful petulance or behaving in a macho way. Or innocuously scribbling her/his address down on a scrap of paper. Then as we have all done in those days, we rather carelessly lost/misplaced it. No digital technology then, only a scrap of paper.

Who should you use to help find a lost friend?

Searching for that lost special friend or first love should begin in your own capable hands! Click here for our DIY guide.

Or, you can ask us or someone else to find a long-lost friend from school, a teenage friend, a relative, or a lost first love.

We don’t claim to be the ultimate people searcher but a number of our ex-clients thought so. Take a look at some of our testimonials or click to see some of our heartening thank-you letters

Which age group do most people search for?

Mainly kids who grew up in the 1950s, 1960s 1970s. Many from the so-called “Baby Boomer era.

Indeed we are proud and honoured to serve those who were the children of our greatest generation! It’s a big regret that today we are too late to help most of their parents too! Many today live alone and without any or few friends, or indeed visitors. Usually, we can find those old friends for them.

We also have many enquiries from those over the age of 80

Yes, we must not leave this group out. These people are predominantly UK ex-pats. Many of them are seeking either a long-lost classroom chum or a childhood first love crush. Maybe a first love from as far back as the late 40s or early 1950s. Do we find them? Mostly-yes!

People search  What are considered to be the most challenging cases?

Those without a person’s full name thus making the search virtually impossible. Even with a person’s full name, it’s never easy. Take for example; David Smith, born, in 1946, Wandsworth. We see 10,000 people born in that year and with that name..hmmm! Today they no longer live in Wandsworth. Moved abroad, changed their name by deed poll, or even in prison. If it’s a female subject, there are even more obstacles to overcome, such as a change to surname. But we will always take a look for you (FOC)

Finding someone with just a Christian name? This is almost certainly going to fail. Unless you have some compelling linking information. Such as, if you remember a previous address and the approximate year. We can always take a look (FOC)

Overseas People Searches

Our people finder services are not just limited to the UK. We regularly undertake complex people-finder finding lost friends assignments in; GermanyCanada,  Czech Republic-(Libby’s connection) for which we have a special page click here. Not to mention of course the USA, Eire, Norway, Denmark, and Australia. However, being abroad does increase our costs. ASK for a quotation, 

Here we feature Marie from Sweden-one of our failures.

Image taken of Marie back in 1961 in Eastbourne. We reckon that today Marie would be age around 78. We have been working on this case. for almost 2 years, The search continues full story here

An honest summing-up from one of our associates:

Friends Reconnected. “No gimmicky presentations insulting your intelligence. Such as meaningless unprovable success rate claims. Talk of professionalism -really? What is that?-Either they find that person or they don’t. John whom I have known for many years can sort out the wheat from the chaff. A decent, modest, polite, kind and unassuming senior citizen. -who never tells lies. Or, entertains any form of B.S.” Percy Wiseman (Braintree, Essex)


"Thanks to Friends Reconnected and the unwavering perseverance of John, managed to trace one of my bridesmaids who due to us as a family moving from country to country for so long lost touch. This June we are celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary and I am delighted to say she will be joining us. I am so pleased. Worth every penny.Thank you John."

Mrs. Venetia Majendie

"John. You were amazing being able to find my lost love, Jane, now age 82 after 65 years. Especially considering I gave you what turned out to be an incorrect Christian name. A quite remarkable feat. Many thanks."

David. Bridgnorth, Salop.


"Hi John, Thanks for all the hard work in finding Elaine. Although you discovered sadly she died age 79 two years earlier. Your kindness and brilliant humour/banter made it a pleasure to work with you."

RDB Rotherham

"I’m glad I turned to John at Friends Reconnected to help find my ex-husband. Not seen since we split up 60 years ago. Thanks to you we are amazingly in touch again-Fantastic."

Janet. Geneva, Switzerland


"John. You did an incredible job finding Jane after 65 years, especially being given the name which she was called wasn’t her real Christian name. Many thanks."

David. Dorking, Surrey

Trying to find if an ex lady friend is still alive (she must be in her mid-90s by)
"I am in my late 80s. We had a loving relationship in the early 1970s but it suddenly ended. She was born in Italy. Footnote: Sadly we discovered she died in 2010. Friends reconnected made no charge."

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Find a Lost Friend. Finding the Right People Search Agency. Plus a few words of caution

Be prepared none will provide a person’s actual current physical address without first being paid!! So…obviously, trust is crucial. Let us be frank, theoretically, you could be given any old address! 

Genealogy/tracing portals. Useful, but, Unfortunately, you need to be a professional yourself to know how to use it! Often floundering in no time. Plus it only works linearly thus needing a human touch to make it all work!  Social media portals etc. most of our now elderly clients simply do not use them. And those that do, often struggle to find their way around.

Uniquely Friends Reconnected operates solely on just one single case at a time-only policy. Thus no distraction or loss of focus. This can lead to a delay before we start.

Why do none of our stories ever include a video supporting them? Answer: Most of our reunions are related to teen first loves or school years romantic crushes from 50-60 years ago. For example, take a client today age 76. All of this happened before any of his/her family were around. The last thing they want today is ridicule and sarcasm from grandkids for example. This equally applies to why we cannot publish the real names of testimonial contributors. 

Alumni sites.Similar to the now-defunct Friends Reunited.  You might get lucky, but the posts made are passive which means there is no pro-action here. Essentially you have to hope he/she has also registered there. If they haven’t then how are they going to find you?  Conversely, you must decide to register that in the million-to-one chance they may find you. Whereas with us, it’s a case of rolling up our sleeves and doing serious work on the case. To us, the concept appears to be full of holes.  

Help to find your lost love!

Why not try DIY and save money by becoming an amateur sleuth? We created a special guidance page for you:

Free search consultation

Australia and the United States are countries where we have enjoyed a particularly high level of success. No doubt partly down to the shared written and spoken language. 

To view our dedicated Australia and United States pages the respective links: Australia and the United States

Our United States page focuses on different groups and eras. Covering ex-U.S military service personnel based in England during the 1950s and 60s “cold-war” era. Alconbury, Lakenheath, RAF Chicksands, and Upper Heyford to name but a few. 

As a special feature tribute to the USA friendships forged and the joy of finding lost people, we feature Charlie Brown of the USAAF and his German Luftwaffe counterpart opponent Franz Stigler. Chivalry in the skies. A reconnection that leaves us in its wake! Not to mention green with envy! 

The Australian and New Zealand connection is one way only.

Comprised of British ex-pats wishing to reconnect with usually a childhood friend or first sweetheart from the UK. Special message to our Aussie friends: We would like to express our sadness at the recent deaths of three of your finest  Judith Durham and Olivia Newton-John and of course Barry Humphreys. We shall not forget them around these parts.

Then we have the 1960’s hippie era.

The Hippies which coincided with the invasion of many mainly young Americans all eager to immerse themselves into ‘everything England’ during that wild era. Jennifer from Watford, where are you now? David, from Milwaukee! Well, we found his Jennifer!

Trace missing heirs

Recently we added missing beneficiaries and long-lost family members to our repertoire.

We specialise in tracing missing beneficiaries. Our professional heir hunting tracer agents will assist you in finding a missing beneficiary. Essentially the estate of someone who has died testate. Our team of will beneficiary people tracers and genealogy research experts will take care of this tedious process for you.

tracing missing beneficiaries

Send us an application and we will handle the search

About Us


In this field of expertise, Friends Reconnected is uniquely operated by two senior citizens. Proud to carry a torch as children of the greatest generation. Honoured to make a statement on behalf of the often ignored, unappreciated, overlooked and sidelined scrap-heap generation. 

John now age 77 is our honorary and voluntary chief consultant. Born in 1946 he went to a secondary modern school and failed his 11 plus! There is nothing at all outstanding about his C.V. apart from his remarkable ability to find lost friends. John volunteers his services and time which helps keep our costs down.

There’s more on John here read about his stunning history:      Here is a bit more.

If you are curious click here to read an account of one of John’s most amazing people search cases.

Free search consultation

Here is another one for you | Tracing mother’s old friend

Our people finder services were instructed to assist in reuniting Shirley with Dena. They were ex-wrens.

To read the story on Dena click here. There’s a great amateur-shot video below

We love helping to find a person you fondly remember. Perhaps a loyal first girl or boyfriend (whom maybe you let down to your everlasting shame) They promised to wait for you! Hmm…..wouldn’t it be nice to just have a word with them about that? 

School friends are so memorable and forever. Standing by you through thick and thin. For example, defending you against that dreadful school bully. A touching act you never forget, remembering incidents and mischievous pranks. For example, when you drove a cricket ball through the vicar’s greenhouse window and then ran like hell. Shades of Billy Bunter there!

Searching For A Lost Friend | Time is running out

Sadly today for us oldies (including me) reconnecting with an old pal or first love, is becoming a race against the clock. 

Please note: GDPR is under review because we are no longer part of the EU. But all traces are fully compliant.

Whilst this is a somewhat morbid topic we feel that this link could be useful However, we have no idea how accurate or updated it is.

Note: Are you receiving Pension credit or similar We have special arrangements for you.


Announcing Exciting New Cooperation Partnership in Germany. Distinguished and renowned Lars Kuhne’ Detective agency. Licensed in Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein.

Need help finding missing relatives?  Initially, your best option would the Salvation Army-click here